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For thousands of years, humanity has learned to deal with vampires, but to the end has not been able to understand their nature. When Jonathan arrived in Transylvania, the man could not think of anything other than work. But it would be worth it, because his employer was none other than the real King of vampires Count Dracula. Can Jonathan leave unscathed from the estate of the evil monster?

When will the sequel to the series “Dracula Season 2” be released?

The sequel to the exciting “Dracula” series was not officially announced, but BBC One at a press conference evasively reassured fans that the next season could appear.
It is worth noting that the crew are the same people who introduced the audience to the series “Sherlock“, where the main role went to Benedict Cumberbatch.


Arriving in Transylvania, Jonathan does not immediately feel the catch. At first, he simply meets an eccentric old man, Dracula, who does not want to let him out of his house. The more days Jonathan spends on the estate, the worse his health becomes. But how can he leave when every day a man receives mysterious messages signaling help.

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Trying to find the one who writes these messages, Jonathan searches the whole house and stumbles upon decaying corpses, which in Romanian language beg him to kill them. It turns out these are the victims of Dracula. Instead of God’s grace, they received eternal life in terrible agony as death. Jonathan realizes that he could be one of them.

The man hardly manages to get away from the count. He ends up in a convent, from which he by no means wants to leave, because it is here that he feels protected. A peculiar woman comes to him – Agatha. She is not an ardent supporter of God, like other nuns – Agatha soberly reasoned, immediately guessed what was the matter and directly asked uncomfortable questions.

Frame from the series

Trying to help, Jonathan answers as honestly as possible and in the end it works. When planning to punish Dracula, Agatha and her sisters make many mistakes, as a result of which Dracula is not only free, but he decides to take revenge on the monastery. And whoever misses such a chance – to punish a dozen women who believe in God! Just not Dracula!

Having bewitched the wolves, he sets a whole flock of nuns, and then he attacks Mina and Agatha, taking the form of Jonathan. The devil is not defeated, but all his enemies are killed in the most terrifying way – how can the director not think about the continuation! Now fans are waiting for more accurate news, which will soon appear on our site! Do not miss!

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Main characters

  • Dracula – a dangerous vampire, lived on the estate, ate his victims, who eventually dried up, but did not die; he kept the bodies of the unfortunate in the basement until he was found by Jonathan, who decided to help people leaving messages in his room – Claes Bang.
  • Jonathan – came to Transylvania to help Dracula with real estate affairs, eventually decided to stay for a month to help him learn his English; began to lose health, after which he hardly left the estate and got to the nuns who helped him prolong his life for a while – John Heffernan.
  • Agatha Van Helsing – an eminent relative who has great knowledge about vampires, in particular about Dracula and about all the possible ways that can help stop the bloodsucker; she does not understand why the stupid advice from books actually works, for example, why Dracula, who does not believe in God, is afraid of the cross – Dolly Wells.
  • Mina – Jonathan’s lover; the girl came after him and as a result, Count Dracula was able to get to her and to Agatha – Morfydd Clark.

Interesting Facts

  1. The main director of the film, Paul McGuigan, previously worked on the series “Sherlock”, and now has moved on to more fantastic stories. In 2019, the series “Carnival Row” was released with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne – and here McGuigan was also able to take part as a director. Both projects were commissioned by BBC One.
  2. Makeup John Heffernan was more like a mask – as a result of applying makeup, almost no features of the actor were visible. It turned out to be extremely believable, especially when it came to false nails, which according to the scenario repeatedly fell away. But Jonathan’s mask, dressed in Dracula, was very easy to repeat in the process.
  3. Claes Bang gladly accepted the offer to reincarnate as the great and terrible Vampire King! According to the actor, he has repeatedly thought about a similar role, but the case never presented itself to him. Only now the creators of the series saw the corresponding inclinations in Bang.
  4. Dolly Wells during the filming changed more than 10 outfits of the nun – accidental spatter of blood, torn monastic attributes and other problems with clothes accompanied the woman throughout the season.
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Dracula Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced

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