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The film “Dune”, released in late 2020, is based on the novel of the same name by American science fiction writer Frank Herbert, written back in 1965. For this work, the author received a huge number of awards and prizes, and there is still no limit to the admiration of readers.

The genre – science fiction.
The world premiere of the part 1 of the film took place on October 1, 2020.

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“Dune 2”: release date, announcement

Even before the production of “Dune” part 1 (2020) began, director Denis Villeneuve told reporters that his story would cover only half of the book. He also added that he would refuse to cooperate if he was entrusted to work on only one part of the project. Thus, it is known that Denis Villeneuve will direct part 2 of “Dune”.

Whether the actors who participated in part 1 of the film will appear in its sequel is still unknown. One thing is known – the ratings and expectations of the project are very high. This means new adventures of our favorite heroes await us. When? No dates have been officially announced. Filming of the part 2 is scheduled for July 2022, while the creators of the project plan to launch the continuation of the picture in October 2023.


The desolate planet Arrakis, filled with precious spice, was once ruled by House Harkonnen. But the time has come when the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV appoints Duke Leto Atreides as the ruler of Arrakis to collect spice.

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A rare and valuable spice is capable of not only prolonging life, but also developing human abilities. But in order to get the substance, it is necessary to resist the huge sand worms that inhabit the desert planet. A wise and experienced duke understands that this proposal is dangerous in nature. But he has no way out. The trap is already open for him.

Filming: director Denis Villeneuve and actors

Paul Atreides, son of the duke, was born despite the strict prohibition on the birth of boys. Paul grew up as a talented, smart and dexterous guy. He had the best teachers. As an adult, no one doubted the strength of the heir to House Atreides. Now the guy has to go through a brave and dangerous path, where he will prove that he is able to be a hero and lead the people behind him.

The plot of part 1 of the film covers only half of the first book of the Dune universe. The director announced this before filming began. In part 2 we will again see our favorite heroes who will have to fight for freedom and truth. After all, no matter how strong and just the ruler may be, there is someone who wants to remove him from his path. The fight is just beginning…

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Main characters

  • Paul Atreides – heir to House Atreides; is an excellent student of his best mentors; when the duke is captured, he flees with his mother; for a long time he remained in the shadow of his father, but when his hour came, he showed himself as a true hero; control of the giant desert worm made him not only a hero, but also the leader of the Fremen; thanks to his training and ability to lead an army of soldiers, he achieves his goal by defeating the main enemy – Timothée Chalamet.
  • Lady Jessica – Concubine of Duke Leto Atreides; disobeyed the order to bear only daughters, secretly conceived and bore a son, Paul; Lady Jessica is incredibly beautiful by nature; possesses special skills of hypnosis, manipulation of people; strong, courageous, self-confident in character; loves her son, suffered when she learned about the death of her beloved duke – Rebecca Ferguson.
  • Leto Atreides – Duke, Paul’s father; courageous, strong, brave ruler; appointed to rule the desert planet Arrakis; died due to the betrayal of Dr. Wellington Yueh – Oscar Isaac.

Interesting Facts

  1. “Dune” (2020) was directed by Denis Villeneuve. According to Villeneuve, this is “a project of his entire life.” The director approached the work with special responsibility, because it is a great honor for everyone to touch such a valuable novel, which is relevant even after 55 years.
  2. The world premiere of the part 1 of the film “Dune” was originally supposed to take place on November 20, 2020. For unknown reasons, the premiere was postponed to December 18 of the same year.
  3. The film “Dune” (2020) is a joint project of several countries: Canada, Hungary, Great Britain and the USA.
  4. The original novel “Dune” was the first novel to receive a Nebula Award.
  5. Eric Roth was entrusted to write the script for the film “Dune”. As a result, the script consisted of 200 pages. At the same time, Roth noted that “Dune” in 2020 will not resemble the movie of the same name in 1984.
  6. The main filming process lasted about 5 months – from March to July 2019. Filming took place in special pavilions in Budapest, and natural – in the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum and on the Stadlandet peninsula in western Norway.
  7. No sooner had the novel “Dune” appeared in bookstores in 1965 than several producers appeared who wanted to acquire the rights to its adaptation. Despite the fact that several filmmakers wanted to adapt the book, not everyone managed to do it. The reason for this is the depth of the plot, which is difficult to “fit” into the film format.
  8. Popular film language creator David J. Peterson also contributed to the “Dune” project. He is known for such projects as “Thor: The Dark World”, “Doctor Strange” and, of course, “Game of Thrones“. Yes. The fictional language we hear in films is created by this person.
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Dune 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Dune 2October 2023

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