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For hundreds of years, the planet Arrakis was ruled by the deadly House Harkonnen. They collected spices from desert fields and processed them into the expensive drug, melange. But one day the emperor decided that it was time to end the reign of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and transferred the reign to House Atreides. This was the beginning of the end, because even before arriving on Arrakis, Leto was doomed to death…

“Dune part 3”: release date, announcement

Even before the release of the part 1 of the film “Dune” the producers said that they would take up the sequel if they saw the success of the project. The reaction from viewers and film critics was more than positive. Therefore, the filming of the part 2 of “Dune” did not hesitate. But is there a new story ahead of us?

It is known that Denis Villeneuve, the director of the project, initially said in his interviews that he was ready to shoot a trilogy. Since the part 2 of “Dune” is scheduled to launch in October 2023, it is unlikely that the part 3 will be released before mid-2025. At the moment, there is no information about the filming of the continuation of the film, nor about the date of the premiere of the 3rd part of it. The project requires too much cost and attention from the entire film crew, so the filmmakers will definitely not rush.


Lady Jessica, concubine of Leto, and Paul Atreides, sole heir, moved to Arrakis. From the age of 14, the woman served her mother, Gaius Helen Mohiam, who directed the Bene Gesserit program. Sending Jessica to Leto, Gaius Helen Mohiam ordered to give birth only to girls, since in the future one of them should become the wife of Vladimir Harkonnen’s nephew.

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The cruel ruler’s plans were to convince the people of Arrakis (the Fremen) that a savior would be sent down to them. But Jessica disobeyed the order and gave birth to a boy, Paul. She taught him everything she knows herself. Paul’s ability to use the Voice has become a great asset. Thanks to this, it was possible to force a person to do anything.

Having decided to see what an already matured guy is capable of, Gaius Helen Mohiam goes to House Atreides and arranges a test for Paul. He passes it brilliantly, but later the Bene Gesserit realizes that Paul will not follow their orders. At the insistence of Gaius Helen, Vladimir arranges the massacre of the Atreides, kills Leto, and leaves Paul and Jessica in the desert.

The main characters of the film

They survive as they find the Fremen, its inhabitants, who are sure that Paul is indeed the chosen one. Even before meeting these people, Paul often dreamed of a girl named Chani. He knew in advance that he would be in love with her and was practically not surprised when they met in reality. The guy often had dreams that later turned out to be true.

But something else surprised him – sometimes the events he dreamed did not coincide with his plans. At this time, Lady Jessica is pregnant with another child. Later, she gives birth to a daughter who inherited the ability to see through generations. The Bene Gesserit strives to grab Jessica and her children, but Lady Jessica is helped by her son, who is not ready to put his only loved one in danger.

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Paul’s relationship with Chani is fine, among the Fremen, the guy is considered their own, but the enemies cannot calm down. Not so long ago it became known that Jessica is the daughter of Vladimir Harkonnen. But can this fact keep the peace between the two warring Houses?

Actors and their roles

  • Paul Atreides — son of Leto and Jessica; owns the power of the Voice, sees prophetic dreams; is the hope for the Freemen for a better future; in love with Chani, whom he previously saw in his visions — Timothée Chalamet.
  • Lady Jessica — a beneficiary of the Bene Gesserit; was supposed to give birth only to girls, but did not get rid of her son when she found out that she was pregnant; learned about the second pregnancy from Paul a few hours before Leto’s death; trying to save her son and teach him everything that she can do herself — Rebecca Ferguson.
  • Chani — the niece of the Fremen leader; Paul’s dream girl, his concubine; an excellent fighter, knows how to track down enemies and instantly deal with them — Zendaya.
  • Gurney Halleck — Warmaster for House Atreides; to the end he was faithful to Mr. Leto; after his death was looking for Paul and Jessica — Josh Brolin.
  • Duncan Idaho — Warmaster of Paul Atreides; died in the first part of the film, defending the life of the owner; trained Paul in martial arts for many years; was considered his best friend — Jason Momoa.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The book series “Dune Chronicles” was filmed several times. The first film adaptation appeared in 1984. In 1975, for 5 years, Alejandro Jodorowsky tried to recreate the events of the book, but it never came to screens. In 2000, a mini-TV show “Frank Herbert’s Dune” appeared, and in 2003 its sequel entitled “Children of Dune”.
  2. The events of the 3rd part will focus on the novel “Dune Messiah”, in which Paul has ruled Dune for several years, while his loved ones will want to overthrow him from the throne. Denis Villeneuve spoke about this at the Venice Film Festival, where the first part of “Dune” was presented.
  3. The leading actor Timothée Chalamet was considered the highest paid actor for 2020-2021. For participation in the 1st and 2nd parts, filmed almost simultaneously, he received $ 2 million. Rebecca Ferguson earned $ 1 million, and Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin – $ 700 thousand each.
  4. The budget for the first part of the film cost $ 165 million. It is planned to develop not only full-length films from the book series “Dune Chronicles”, but also to engage in several TV shows that will be broadcast on HBO Max.

Dune 3: Release Date

NumberSeries title
Dune 32025

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