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The series tells about the relationship that developed in the Carrington family. The guys have such an impressive state that they are ready to literally destroy each other, if only to have their own piece from this tidbit pie. The oil business is developing, as are the intrigues that family members weave among themselves. Who can take possession of countless wealth?

When will the series “Dynasty Season 4” come out?

The continuation of the drama series “Dynasty” will appear on May 7, 2021. Like the original series, released in 1981, the picture attracted a lot of attention.
In those years, the series was extended to the 9th season, but as a result, in 1989 it was closed. Will the creators of the current project be able to break the record?


Having captured the soul and body of Blake Carrington, Cristal wants to get to his wallet. But only on the way to her happiness is there one little nuisance – Blake’s daughter. More recently, Fallon returned to her homeland, and what was her surprise when she found her father in bed with a young girl! She still holds a serving position in her father’s company.

Fallon is particularly cruel to the new passion of the parent. She is convinced that Cristal wants to deprive them of money savings, but as if no one wants to listen to the girl. What to do in a situation where everyone is literally against you?

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Cristal successfully developed her career in the company of wealthy Blake, where she recently worked as a secretary. Spinning an affair with the boss, Cristal decided to leave work and tune in to a rich life in a chic mansion. True, Fallon spoils all her plans, now and then adding fuel to the fire of relations. Crystal’s plans may collapse if she doesn’t do anything.

Dynasty Season 4
Frame from the series

In addition to the confrontation between two women of the same family, there are other storylines in the series. The Colby family is at war with the Carington. And here it is not only the possession of the oil market, but also in winning the love of their own children. The successes of both families are very variable, and with each new series the situation changes.

For several seasons, the Carrington rivaled both Colby and each other. But the winner is still unknown. What will end the season 4? What are the chances for the Carington to reconcile among themselves and give battle to Colby, convinced that the oil market should rightfully belong to them?

Actors and their roles

  • Fallon Carrington – daughter of a wealthy father, convinced of the selfish motives of Cristal; she considers herself the rightful owner of her father’s fortune and tries in every possible way to open her father’s eyes to his new passion; Fallon is adventurous and knows how to discern unkind acts in a person – Elizabeth Gillies.
  • Cristal Flores – dreams of taking possession of the money of Blake Carrington, while she does not care which way she can achieve what she wants; Cristal skillfully manipulates people and easily achieves goals; the girl began her career in Blake’s office, where she got a job as a secretary, then moved to the Carrington mansion – Nathalie Kelley.
  • Blake Carrington – father of Fallon, does not want to listen to her daughter, who insists on the evil motives of Cristal; Blake owns a multi-million dollar fortune, which he earned on oil production – the Grant Show.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The series is a remake of the picture of the same name, released from 1981 to 1989. Having decided to repeat their former success, Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and the Shapiro couple again decided to take the previous places of producers, as it was dozens of years ago. The broadcast of the series is held on ABC, as it was with the original.
  2. Some sources claim that the ratings of the television series are growing every season. In fact, everything is not so good, because the number of viewers does not decrease and does not increase. The creators hope that starting from the 4th season, the audience will grow from 800 thousand people and will exceed one million.
  3. Nathalie Kelley was very happy about her participation in the series, because since the project “The Vampire Diaries”, where she got the role of a bloodthirsty seductive siren, she has not had such interesting roles. Cristal is very close in spirit to Nathalie, so the girl with great zeal set to work, even if her success lasted only one season.
  4. At the beginning of the series, many inexperienced viewers took actress Elizabeth Gillies, who plays the role of Fallon, for Lindsay Lohan. This opinion is erroneous, because such professionals as Sallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz will never allow themselves to take a girl with a similar reputation in the series. Patrick and Schwartz too value calm on the set, which Lindsay cannot provide.
  5. After the season 1, the creators could not agree on whether to continue the project or not. Given that nowadays the abundance of series is dizzy, people might not have honored season 2 with attention. Fortunately, the project still does not lose relevance, and during breaks between seasons, viewers enjoy watching the original.
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Dynasty Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1May 7, 2021
4x02Series 2May 14, 2021
4x03Series 3May 21, 2021
4x04Series 4May 28, 2021
4x05Series 5June 4, 2021
4x06Series 6June 11, 2021
4x07Series 7June 18, 2021
4x08Series 8June 25, 2021
4x09Series 9July 2, 2021
4x10Series 10July 9, 2021

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