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The confrontation between the two most dear people for Blake Carrington – his daughter Fallon and his new wife Cristal – lasted too long. As the owner of a large company and planning to leave his business to his daughter, Blake dreams of a quiet and peaceful life, but women arrange one conflict after another. The consequences of this enmity are unpredictable…

“Dynasty ss 5”: release date, announcement

In 1981, when the original TV show “Dynasty” came out, it was extended until season 9. In May 2021, it became known that the filming of the season 5 was underway, which is scheduled to be released on December 20, 2021. The first 2 episodes of the new season will be shown. The remaining episodes will be released in March 2022.

It is known that season 5 will be the final, as the rating of season 4 fell several times compared to the first one, and the production costs of the project remained the same.


Starting her career at Blake’s Energy Corporation, Cristal soon found love in her boss. Trying with all her might to preserve the relationship, the girl hid secrets and closed her eyes to the strangeness of her husband. But soon she had to face the truth. Cristal’s chosen one was older, had several children and a large baggage of principles that helped his family build an empire all these years.

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One of Blake’s children was daughter Fallon, the future heiress to the multibillion-dollar throne. However, her relationship with Cristal did not work out from the first seconds of meeting. The ladies quarreled so much that they began to set up against each other the entire environment, including Blake himself. Whatever he tried to do, the relationship between his daughter and new wife only got worse.

But since season 2, not only them, but also the rest of the family have had to unite more than once so that important secrets do not slip into the press or fall into the hands of ill-wishers. Cristal often faced a choice: a past family or a present one. After all, when the girl became richer, everyone needed her help, which sometimes was an unbearable burden for Crystal.

Frame from the TV show

Since season 3, Fallon began to pay more attention to her own family. And although she did not put her business aside, she became more attentive to her personal life. Together with Liam, she is more and more aware of what it means to be a parent, and less pestering her father. At this time, Blake can hardly remain calm, because he faces a real prison term, which he is so afraid of.

Family conflicts become less significant in Season 4, as there are so many outside enemies that they now take up all the airtime. The Colby family is convinced that the sales market should belong to them, and the shareholders of Blake’s corporation throw new surprises for him.

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How many times will family members have to unite in the face of danger? When will peace of mind come to their home and who will eventually get the business? We’ll find out about this in Season 5!

Actors and their roles

  • Fallon Carrington – the heiress of the empire, she, with varying degrees of success, tries to take over the leadership; hates her father’s new beloved, as she believes that Cristal only hunts for her family’s money; on good terms with her brother, but constantly quarrels with other relatives; over time, she spends more time on her own family – Elizabeth Gillies.
  • Blake Carrington – the owner of a large company with a leading position in the market; partially trusts Cristal, but often the girl finds out about his dirty secrets; in season 3, participates in a trial that shocks the press day after day; on bad terms with his father; does not trust Fallon, believes that she is a career woman who dreams of taking over his company – Grant Show.
  • Cristal Flores Carrington – met Blake while working as a secretary in his office; quickly got into trust, and at the same time became a really good wife, although the relationship with Fallon constantly spoils everything; like her husband, she hid her dark past, but in the end Blake accepted her for who she is; Cristal is caring and always counts only on herself – Nathalie Kelley.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Thanks to the success of the 1981 film of the same name, the creators were inspired to create a remake, and they hoped to extend the show “Dynasty” for more than 9 seasons, telling the audience their vision of the ending of the story.
  2. Josh Schwartz, the creator of the TV series, did not see his main characters in Denver as it was in the 1981 film. The entire film crew went to Atlanta, where a huge number of wealthy families are concentrated. The location seemed to be set up for the filming of “Dynasty”.
  3. Another difference between the two TV series of the same name is in the name of the main character Cristal. If in the original version she was called Krystle, then in the reboot – Cristal. This was not done by accident, but with the intention of highlighting the new character dynamics.

Dynasty Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1December 20, 2021
5x02Series 2December 20, 2021
5x03Series 3March 11, 2022
5x04Series 4March 18, 2022
5x05Series 5March 25, 2022
5x06Series 6April 1, 2022
5x07Series 7April 8, 2022
5x08Series 8April 15, 2022
5x09Series 9April 22, 2022
5x10Series 10April 29, 2022

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