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Sherlock Holmes is an amazing person. He impresses people with his intelligence and ingenuity. He has no equal in the field of crime detection. But, like all great people, a man has his vices.

When will the series “Elementary Season 7” come out?

The release date of the multi-series detective “Elementary” is scheduled for May 23, 2019. Continuation of the famous detective and his eternal companion Joan Watson is making new corrections in the interpretation of the story of an outstanding detective.


In Scotland Yard, Sherlock managed to make a brilliant career in the police ranks. The man was a consultant to the police station. But the detrimental craving for heroin adversely affected his health and relationships with others. Holmes’ father was worried about his son’s health and sent him to New York for rehabilitation.

To finally make sure that the son does not use any illegal drugs, Holmes Sr. assigned him a girl Joan Watson, who was required to report on the health of Sherlock. The man was not her first patient.

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Previously, Joan worked in the hospital, replenishing the ranks of the best surgeons, but a tragic mistake crossed out her entire career. In New York, Sherlock begins to lead a new life, refuses to use various dopes and is completely immersed in the disclosure of crimes.

Many times Joan rescued him from difficult situations, but it was not easy, because Holmes says and his plans only after they are fulfilled. Young people learned to work in a team for a long time. Joan is very vulnerable, and Sherlock has no idea what pity is and why it arises. Despite daily disagreements, they were able to find a common language and, remaining good friends, continue to investigate the most dangerous murders in the history of the city.

Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Joan Watson – after the death of the patient on her desk lost her favorite work, for some time watched the patients who needed constant supervision, the last of her patients became Sherlock – Lucy Liu.
  • Sherlock Holmes – a former drug addict who periodically suffers from his bad temper, takes Joan out of himself, works as a consultant to the New York police – Johnny Lee Miller.
  • Tobias Gregson – the captain, head of the New York Police Department, one of the few who can tolerate Holmes’ antics – Aidan Quinn.
  • Irene Adler or Jamie Moriarty – Sherlock’s former lover, because of whom he became a drug addict, as well as the main villain who later was imprisoned, but even this fact did not affect Holmes’s feelings – Natalie Dormer.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In the standard version, Watson and Moriarty are men. And Irene Adler has absolutely nothing to do with Professor Moriarty, she is a separate person and actually a beloved woman of the famous genius.
  2. This approach was not invented accidentally – the same images are boring to the audience, and the goal of the writers is to attract as many viewers as possible to view the tele-picture.
  3. The series has been broadcast on CBS since September 2012. Critics’ ratings are still on top, and the audience remains the same, which contributes to an endless continuation of the seasons.
  4. The script for the series was written by Rob Doherty. He owns stories for such films as “Medium”, “Star Trek, Voyager”, “Dark Angel”.
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Elementary Season 7 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1May 23, 2019
7x02Series 2May 30, 2019
7x03Series 3June 6, 2019
7x04Series 4June 13, 2019
7x05Series 5June 20, 2019
7x06Series 6June 27, 2019
7x07Series 7July 4, 2019
7x08Series 8July 11, 2019
7x09Series 9July 18, 2019
7x10Series 10July 25, 2019


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