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Several years have passed since the day when three students of a public school were transferred to an elite educational institution called “Las Encinas”. By the beginning of the 6th season, only a few of the former students continued their studies. Attacks from rich classmates towards poor teenagers have not stopped, but the problems have become much more serious…

“Élite ss 6”: release date, announcement

It is officially known that the filming of the continuation of the TV series “Elite” lasted from February to June 2022. The new episodes are scheduled to launch on November 18, 2022!

Attention! The TV show article contains spoilers and additional information about the events that took place from seasons 1 to 5.


The Samuel family never dreamed of breaking out into the people. The alcoholic mother and the jailer brother only accused the rich of their wealth, and they considered them thieves. Unlike such people, Samu understood that there are many ways not to steal, but to earn by honest work. The guy did not aspire to great wealth, but he certainly did not want to live in a brothel with relatives.

On the very first day of school at an elite school, Samu meets the charming Marina. Her brother Guzman is willing to do anything to save his sister from a beggar, as he calls Samu. And although the relationship between Samuel and Marina began to develop, in the season 1 the girl is accidentally killed by a classmate. Throughout Season 2, Polo tries to hide this fact, but the truth comes out. Samu has to deal with this.

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Over the following years, several more students die. Samu’s friend Christian becomes disabled and at the end of season 2 he flies to Switzerland to continue his rehabilitation there. The third and 4th seasons tell about the lives of other classmates, already without focusing on the personal experiences of Samuel, who is building new relationships.

The main characters of the TV show

In the season 5, a lot of attention is paid to the new student Ivan and Patrick, the son of the headmaster. While Patrick is seriously falling in love, Ivan only uses these feelings. Moreover, Patrick’s relationship with Omar deteriorates, which the guy often used only for physical entertainment. But the main move of the season is the murder of one of the main characters…

In the season 6, new faces will appear, whose names are already known. These are popular Spanish actors Carmen Arrufat, Alvaro de Juana, Ana Bokesa, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig, who recently signed a contract with a TV studio. Which of them will be the leading figure of the new season?..

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Actors and their roles

  • Samuel / Samu — has many dark secrets; dreams of breaking out of poverty, and the new school is able to open up these opportunities for him; accidentally killed at the end of the season 5 by the headmaster — Itzan Escamilla.
  • Patrick — a charming gay; not shy about his orientation; after meeting Omar, he often entered into physical intimacy with him, but at the beginning of the season 5, Patrick fell in love with Ivan; in a bad relationship with his father, but loves his sisters — Manu Ríos.
  • Omar – a former drug dealer because he wanted a better life for himself; always knew about his unconventional orientation; in love with Patrick, who does not always reciprocate his feelings; understands that it is time to end this relationship, but cannot cope with feelings — Omar Ayuso.
  • Ivan — wants to study, but the football father’s parties in their house do not stop and affect his academic performance; the guy does not understand his parent and dreams that normal relations will be built between them; falls in love with Patrick, although at first he claims that he is not gay — André Lamoglia.
  • Ari — Samuel’s girlfriend; for a long time the guys could not find a common language, but at the beginning of the season 5 everything was fine — Carla Díaz.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Itzan Escamilla has been a fan favorite for 5 seasons. And even though his hero had difficult times, everyone liked Samu without exception. But viewers could notice that in season 5 it was no longer possible to hide the age of the actor – this became the main factor in the murder of the character of Escamilla.
  2. Ahead of season 5, the creators have announced Christmas episodes that will be released on Netflix on December 15, 20 and 23, 2021. Since the picture is a huge success among foreign viewers, short special episodes have become a necessary measure – fans have been asking the creators for more than a year to shoot additional stories about their favorite characters.
  3. Several actors from the TV series “Elite” starred in another successful Spanish project that lasted 5 seasons. We are talking about the TV show from Netflix “Money Heist”, which starred Miguel Herran, Jaime Lorente and Maria Pedraza.

Elite Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1November 18, 2022
6x02Series 2November 18, 2022
6x03Series 3November 18, 2022
6x04Series 4November 18, 2022
6x05Series 5November 18, 2022
6x06Series 6November 18, 2022
6x07Series 7November 18, 2022
6x08Series 8November 18, 2022

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