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In a small English village lives a girl named Enola Holmes, who will soon turn 14. She lives with her mom, who values privacy. Just on the day that Enola was supposed to celebrate her birth, an unpleasant event happens to her. Mom disappears in an incomprehensible way, and the girl has no choice but to write letters to her older brothers and conduct her own investigation…

“Enola Holmes 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the detective film “Enola Holmes” will certainly appear – this was said by film critics, because the story of Sherlock Holmes has no time and will definitely not end soon. It was officially announced that the premiere of the new part will take place on November 4, 2022. It is also known that the filming of the  part 2 of the film began in the fall of 2021.

The film is based on a series of books by the writer Nancy Springer. She enthusiastically writes stories in which she could easily convey the style of the Victorian era. And Millie Bobby Brown is back in the lead, but can she outshine her success on the TV show “Stranger Things“?


Poor Enola! She can be called independent, but a long stay without a mother affected the girl. Where did Mrs. Holmes go? Enola was waiting for help from Sherlock and Mycroft. But they were convinced that Mrs. Holmes had simply fled, taking money and jewelry with her. How could they think that a woman would leave her own daughter alone!

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Enola has to independently engage in the investigation, while on her way come across strange tasks. Mom gave her two books on her birthday, in which secret messages were encrypted. Enola realizes that she needs to visit London. Sherlock and Mycroft are convinced that Enola needs training in a boarding school, where she will be made a lady.

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To continue her investigation and not get into the boarding school, Enola has to fool the Holmes and avoid meeting them in every possible way. Custody of the girl ends when she, disguised as a widow, escapes and begins to do business on her own. But it becomes dangerous to remain alone, because Enola embarked on a winding path of adventure.

Frame from the film (Enola meets her older brothers)

While Enola is looking for her missing mother, mysterious events are taking place in London, which are directly related to the disappearance of high-ranking officials. Enola accidentally finds herself in the epicenter of events and she has to take part in it. And the disappearance of the viscount turns into a real event for her.

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To find her mother, she is forced to look for a little boy. She has to hide her blood relationship with eminent detectives. Will Enola continue to search or will she throw this case at her brothers? Where did mom go, and why didn’t she even leave a note before her disappearance?..

Actors and their roles

  • Enola – a 14-year-old girl with great ambition and an exorbitant sense of self; she is the sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes; is looking for a mother who disappeared under strange circumstances; trying not to get into a boarding school for girls, for which she dresses up as a widow and runs away from the Holmes brothers – Millie Bobby Brown.
  • Sherlock – Enola’s cousin, who decided that the girl’s story has no foundation and everything is much simpler than it seems; trying to keep her out of bad news; not particularly friendly with Mycroft, with whom he constantly has mental arguments – Henry Cavill.
  • Mycroft – Sherlock’s brother; constantly makes fun of him; but for Enola’s future, Mycroft supports Sherlock – Sam Claflin.
  • Mrs. Holmes – Enola’s mother; disappeared without a trace, which became the starting point in the plot; the woman left hints in the books that she gave to her daughter the day before – Helena Bonham Carter.

Interesting Facts

  1. Being a popular teenage series, all the books about Enola Holmes have won the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award.
  2. The film began to be created only after Millie Bobby Brown gave her consent to participate in it. Just think – the young child has the most important role, who has overtaken the most successful Superman and The Witcher, Henry Cavill, who plays Sherlock Holmes here!
  3. Henry Cavill, as it turned out, was not always eager to show off his gorgeous body. He likes characters who can think with their heads and then use force. The role of Sherlock offered to him was very welcome, because after the fatal men he wanted to be in the image of a really smart and educated person.
  4. Coming to the casting, Sam Claflin faced a misunderstanding from the directors. But later it was he who was approved for the role of Mycroft. Until now, no one knows how it happened that a failed casting helped Sam get into one of the leading roles. There is speculation that one of the producers of the project is Claflin’s longtime friend.
  5. Millie Bobby Brown is one of the project’s producers. Now she is actively learning new aspects of her profession. Millie herself still sees herself as only an actress, but she admits that in a few years she wants to do offscreen work.
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Enola Holmes 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Enola Holmes 2November 4, 2022

Sherlock Vs Sherlock – Which Is The Superior Incarnation?

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