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On the eve of her 14th birthday, Enola Holmes learns of the disappearance of her mother, Eudoria, and begins her own investigation. Throughout her childhood, her mother taught the girl how to solve logic puzzles, and, finally, these skills came in handy for her! And while Enola travels in search of a parent, life introduces her to interesting people. Soon there is a clue pointing to the reason why Mrs. Holmes disappeared…

“Enola Holmes part 3”: release date, announcement

In the part 2 of the picture, in the scene after the credits, there was a hint of an imminent sequel to the film “Enola Holmes”. The crazy popularity of the film and the leading lady Millie Bobby Brown indicate that the producers are unlikely to close the project in the near future. So, most likely, the fourth part will follow the 3rd one.

“Enola Holmes 3” has not yet been announced. According to film critics, filming will begin in early 2023, with the film ready for release in the first half of 2024. We continue to follow the news.


Living in a secluded house with her mother, Enola was always learning new things. Their pastime was filled with secrets, riddles, charades and all kinds of puzzles. When her mother disappeared, Enola had no choice but to notify her relatives. Sherlock and Mycroft arrived immediately, but instead of practical advice, the men decided that Eudoria simply left, leaving her daughter.

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Little Enola began to have doubts about this, but she did not want to admit it even to herself. Instead of submissively waiting for her own fate, the young lady decides to take a different path. Enola decides to lie to Sherlock in order not to end up in a boarding school for ladies, where she would be taught manners.

Prior to her departure, Eudoria left several tasks for her daughter, which ended up being sealed in birthday books. This becomes the first step on the way to huge London. Sherlock cannot influence the decision of a young relative and finds a grain of truth in her words when Enola talks about the clues she found. Working together, they uncover a mysterious conspiracy and manage to make themselves a serious enemy, which turns out to be Moriarty.

Frame from the film

In order to get closer to her enemies, the girl is forced to change clothes, disguise herself and in every possible way deny her resemblance to the eminent Sherlock, who by that time had become famous all over London. In the part 2 of the film, his proposal to open a detective agency “Holmes and Holmes” was rejected by Enola, because she did not want to be in the shadow of a more eminent relative.

The scene after the credits in the 2nd movie hints at new plot twists. First, Sherlock decides to take Enola’s advice and befriend Watson. The girl cunningly forced him to take such a step, since she sincerely believed that he needed friends. But Moriarty managed to escape, so there is no doubt about who will be the antagonist of the part 3. It remains only to wait for the release of the film!

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Actors and their roles

  • Enola — dressed in the costume of an inconsolable widow, she hides from Mycroft and Sherlock and even manages to hide from them for some time in huge London; looking for a mother who disappeared overnight; soon learns that the real reason for her departure was a society in which there is no place for women like the Holmes family — Millie Bobby Brown.
  • Eudoria Holmes — Enola’s mother; on the eve of her daughter’s 14th birthday, she managed to prepare a gift for her, but did not have time to give it, because she went missing; later it is learned that Eudoria is fighting for women to have more rights and so that Enola does not have to live in the shadow of men — Helena Bonham Carter.
  • Sherlock Holmes — Enola’s brother; trying to protect the child from rash acts, but very soon realizes that the girl needs help — Henry Cavill.
  • Mycroft Holmes — always quarrels with his brother and hints at his failure; believes that Enole would be better off in a boarding school, where she will undoubtedly be taught to behave appropriately; believes that the mother simply ran away, because she took the money and jewelry — Sam Claflin.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The film 2 is based on the novel “The Case of the Left-Handed Lady” by Nancy Springer. The book is the second in sequence in the “The Case of the Missing Marquess” series. The book 3 was the 2008 novel “The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets”, which will form the basis of the film 3.
  2. Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most sought-after actresses, so her fee is in no way inferior to that of Henry Cavill. The girl successfully starred in the TV show “Stranger Things“, which was recently renewed for a new season, and Henry Cavill became the most recognizable Superman of the DC universe and Geralt in the TV show “The Witcher“.
  3. It remains to be seen whether Helena Bonham Carter will reprise her role as Eudoria. In recent years, when her marriage to Tim Burton broke up, the actress rarely goes out and rarely gives interviews. Her latest work was the documentary “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts“, where she played herself. The picture belongs to the series of films about Harry Potter, in which Helena played the evil sorceress Bellatrix.

Enola Holmes 3: release date

TitleRelease date
Enola Holmes 32024

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