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For several years now, Rue Bennett’s parents have been struggling with their daughter’s drug addiction. But when a new girlfriend Jules appears in the city, everything changes. The TV series tells everything without embellishment – adolescents, obsessed with disposable relationships, emotional, reckless and shameless. As well as adults whose secrets can rob them of their families and connections…

“Euphoria ss 3”: release date, announcement

We should definitely wait for the continuation of the TV drama “Euphoria”, but not earlier than spring 2023. The show made so much noise when the pilot hit the screens that when Season 2 came out, viewers were waiting for something enchanting!
Now a new season is approaching, where Rue and Jules, along with their friends, will solve problems that are not at all childish.


Rue was born 3 days after the terrorist attack that shook the whole of America. Then the Twin Towers suffered at the hands of terrorists, and in all hospitals there was not enough room for patients. Rue was born a healthy girl, but over time, her parents began to notice that she was acting suspiciously. She could focus her gaze for a long time and it was impossible to distract her.

Doctors later diagnosed her with mental illness, informing her mother that the child had obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder. Panic attacks drove Rue crazy – she was a frequent visitor in hospital rooms. A little sister was born. Later, her father passed away. He died of cancer. Rue has completely lost herself. She was addicted to drugs and did not miss a reason for fun.

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The overdose occurred at home. The girl was found by her sister. After that, Rue sat down for a long time in the hospital, where her mother, distraught with grief, took her away. Having gained freedom for exemplary behavior, Rue comes back. At the same time, she did not plan to quit drugs in the least. On the very first day, the girl found her dealer and received a dose of happiness.

Frame from the TV show

Along with the life of Rue, it tells about a new girl from the town. Jules gave the impression of a strange girl. She looked like Sailor Moon and sometimes behaved inappropriately. Rue immediately liked her and at the next party the girl invited Jules to leave the event together. Thus began their relationship, which became Rue’s hope for improvement.

But there are still a lot of people in town whose concerns are highlighted on the show. For example, the high school athlete Nate cannot survive the betrayal of an ex-girlfriend who has a pool orgy with another man. Nate’s family is very wealthy, his father endlessly spoils the guy and at the same time is an excellent parent.

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In episode 1 of season 1, Jules decided to meet a married man who actually raped her. It soon becomes clear that this man is Nate’s father, that same godly parent. But this is the most innocent secret that we have to see…

Actors and their roles

  • Rue Bennett – drug addict, in love with a recently moved girl; Rue suffers from neuroses and several psychological illnesses, which makes her want to always be high; is friends with her dealer, loves her mother and sister, but still acts contrary to their opinion; persistent, on her own mind – Zendaya.
  • Jules Vaughn – girlfriend of Rue; others describe her as Sailor Moon and laugh at her appearance; Jules loves bright makeup, short skirts, so many guys think she is a girl of easy virtue; in love with Rue; sleeps with men in motels for money, one of these men was the father of her classmate – Hunter Schafer.
  • Nate Jacobs – sportsman; believes that all girls are easily accessible, including his ex-girlfriend, who decided to have sex in the pool in front of the crowd; is aggressive and cannot control himself; considers himself a leader, while shutting up all who are disagreeable to him; jealous of his ex-girlfriend, although he cannot admit it – Jacob Elordi.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In June 2017, it became known that HBO had started developing a ready-made show “Euphoria”, which was released in Israel in 2012. They had to adapt the script for American youth. After season 1, plagiarism surpassed the original, and Jules became known for more than just Spider-Man’s girlfriend.
  2. The TV series sparked an uproar for the Parents Television Council, which criticized the movie for having a huge number of genitals on screen. In one episode, there are about 30 images of the genitals, and also rape. Adult context marketing was poorly received, but it did not affect teens’ desire to watch drama.
  3. When the question arose – what to change in the American version of the show, Sam Levinson turned to his teenage experience, in which all this was in abundance. Remembering several colorful stories from his youth, he successfully embodied them on the screen. For example, once he saw how an athlete guy decided to abuse a girl, but she cut herself with a knife and screamed about immortality – like Jules.

Euphoria Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12023
3x02Series 22023
3x03Series 32023
3x04Series 42023
3x05Series 52023
3x06Series 62023
3x07Series 72023
3x08Series 82023

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