Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2


Continuation of the first full-length film on the famous universe, created by the studio Bones on the same manga by the authors of Jencei Kataoki and Kazuma Kondo. The full series includes several seasons of anime series, manga, ranching, video games and several feature movies. Anime genres are furs (fighting robots), fantasy, adventure, drama, romance, syonen.

When will the continuation of the anime of the film “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2”

The full-length film “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2” will be released on November 10, 2018 as an extension of the first one. In addition, in 2019 the studio promises the release of the third part.


14-year-old guy Renton Thurston, the son of a respected deceased military man, lives a quiet life with his grandfather-mechanic. But one day the unforeseen happens: in their houses the hangar is cut by a fur-robot, piloted by the girl Eureka.

17950c0ec4cShe asks Renton and his grandfather to help repair the war machine. Renton immediately falls in love with the girl and now wants to leave the remote town to always be close to Eureka and protect her.

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It should be said that he manages to do this without hindrance: Renton has long planned to become a member of the Gekko-Go rifting team and to fly flying machines. Thanks to the appearance in the life of Renton Eureka and her robot, who suffered a sudden collapse, this happens in a fateful way.

But is the life of the rifters really bright? Reality, as it turns out, does not always correspond to dreams that people imagine themselves … That’s Renton little by little begins to be disappointed.

The main characters

  • Eureka – pilots a fighting humanoid robot. Outwardly, she is about 14 years old. She has pale skin and light turquoise hair. It is rather difficult for her close to find out her real thoughts and feelings, because of her little life experience, she often does not know how to react in this or that situation.
  • Renton Thurston is the pilot of Eureka. A companion and compassionate guy who always comes to the rescue, even if he himself can suffer. Has dreams, ideals and goals, which clearly follows. His famous name (thanks to his father-hero) does not give Renton a chance to live. He is always compared with his father, they remember him, so the boy seems to grow in his shadow. Renton himself is sure that his father exchanged relatives for science.
  • Holland Nowak is the 29-year-old head of the Gekko-Go organization, a pilot and celebrity in rifters. Has a lot of fans.
  • Talho is a 26-year-old pilot girl. He is engaged in reconnaissance and support of communications. Loves Holland.
  • Hap is a 29-year-old navigator with Holland. At the same time he is engaged in accounting, checking incoming data and assessing the circumstances.
  • Misha is a 40-year-old woman, an organization doctor and researcher.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Activities in the anime film Eureka 7: Hello, evolution 2 occur after the original series “Eureka 7”, but before the events of the series “Eureka 7 Ao.”
  2. The names of the series are identical to the names of the compositions of various musical collectives, for example, “Blue Monday”, “Higher Than The Sun”, “Human Behavior” or “The Sunshine Underground” The Chemical Brothers “).
  3. LFO in anime – this is furs-robots, similar to people. The name for them was chosen by the authors on the basis of the English group of the 80s, which plays music in the styles of techno, house and trance.
  4. In 2006, the series “Eureka 7” was named best anime, and Dai Sato – the best screenwriter of the year, who invented an ideally thought out world and worked characters.
  5. Studio Bones, working on the series Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2, is one of the most popular animation studios, from under the wing of which came the following anime masterpieces: “Devourer of Souls”, “Dating Club of High School Oran”, “Fullmetal Alchemist” “Homeless God”, “My Heroic Academy”, “The Great of Wandering Dogs”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Space Dandy”, “Wolf Wave”, “Darker than Black”, “Sixth Zone”, “Mob Psycho 100”.
  6. Almost all the names of the characters in the anime are references to some famous personalities (usually musicians). For example, Axel Thurston (Grandpa Renton) was named after the leader of Guns’n’Roses Axel Rose, and his deceased wife was called Rose.

Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2 release date

Movie titleRelease date
Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2Nov 10, 2018

Review of the 1-st part

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