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For 14 years, Ranton Thurston lived with his beloved grandfather in a small town. The guy daily gave himself up to dreams that he would soon become a mercenary of “Gekkostate” – this group was piloting combat planes in which it was possible to move around the vehicles. And the more often he thought about his brilliant future, the stronger his grandfather had to protect the boy from the dangers inherent in the cruel outside world.

When will the anime “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 3” come out?

The final part of the film “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution” was planned to be launched in 2019 – the creators reported this in the fall of 2018. The exact date was not called. Unfortunately, the project management officially announced the postponement of the premiere in the end of 2021. Recall that the action of the picture takes place before the events described in “Eureka 7 AO”, but after “Eureka 7”.

p.s. Officially: “Eureka Seven” Anime Part 3 will premiere on November 26, 2021!


Thurston simply dreamed of flying through particles that were called trappar. This kind of sport was called rifting, and the leader of Ranton’s favorite band was Holland, about which legends were composed. Thurston was sure that one day he could realize his dream.

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He was often encouraged, if on the way he met traces of an outstanding father, but the grandfather-mechanic did not approve of such zatey. So it would continue, but at one point the LFO fell from the sky, which was piloted by the girl Eureka. The car needed repairs and she decided to ask Grandpa Ranton to repair his car.

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Randomly Eureka attracts someone else’s attention to the grandfather’s hangar then the military destroy the structure. Ranton has to resort to using one of the known interfaces that can increase the power of LFO and then the guys get to destroy the enemy.

As a result, the guy became one of the participants in the mutiny of Gekko-go, whose leader is Holland. The guys are trying to bring back to peaceful life, but this is not so easy. Soon he realizes that the dream of becoming a mercenary seemed completely different in his understanding, because beyond the walls of the grandfather protection of the guy, the truth was really awaited by an incredibly cruel world.

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The film follows the main plot of the first season, but contains a large number of new dialogues and scenes. Unlike the series, the picture contains a completely different ending, which is original.

The timeline of the films is as follows:

  1. The series “Eureka 7: Psalms of the Planets” from 2005;
  2. The “Eureka 7: Recap” from January 2006;
  3. The film “Eureka 7: Pocket, Full Rainbow” from 2009;
  4. The special “Eureka 7: New Order” from 2012;
  5. The series “Eureka 7 AO” from 2012;
  6. OVA “Eureka 7 AO: Flowers of Jungfrau” from 2012;
  7. ONA “Eureka 7 AO: Short films” from 2012;
  8. ONA “Eureka 7 AO: Final Episode” of 2017;
  9. The film “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 1” from 2017;
  10. The film “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 2” from 2018;
  11. The film “Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution 3”.


The actors of scoring / Seiyuu

  • Eureka is a girl with short turquoise hair, pilot LFO Nirvash. She is about 14-15 years old, she does not give in to emotions, and others do not understand how to react to it. Over time, she learns the right reactions and becomes like an ordinary person – Kaori Nadzuka.
  • Ranton Thurston – the son of the deceased Edrok Thurston, pilots Nirvash. The guy is emotional, friendly. In the first years of his life he lived with his grandfather, studied in an ordinary school and studied at his grandfather’s shop. Their surname is known, thanks to the father, which negatively affects Rantone, who is sure that he lives in the shadow of his father – Keiji Fujiwara.
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Interesting Facts

  1. When Keiji Fujiwara was invited to play several roles at once, other actors of the scoring took this news quite unkindly. For a long time, Keiji succumbed to ridicule from his colleagues, but his brilliant talent and a wonderful sense of humor eventually made him an integral part of the team.
  2. Before the creation of the storyline, the girl wanted to be called Lily, but then changed her mind and called Eureka.
  3. In the first season of the series, the audience reacted negatively to the highly emotional Ranton, but over time the guy became more calm and balanced, which influenced the further ratings of the picture.

Eureka SEVEN: Hello, Evolution 3: release date

NameRelease date
Eureka SEVEN: Hello, Evolution 3November 26, 2021

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