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Oregon High School, like any other, teems with teenage problems, one of which is the everyday monotony of events. Study, home and again study. So the everyday lives of urban children. To somehow have fun, the guys are trying to find a hobby.

When will the series “Everything Sucks! Season 2” come out?

Initially, the Netflix channel told viewers about the intention to extend the series for another season. Then the fans suggested that in early 2019 they would meet again with their beloved protagonists. However, in April 2018, Netflix unexpectedly announced the closure of the project. Wait for the new series is not worth it.


The atmosphere of the 90s immerses the viewer into the world of nostalgia. Here the main events take place in the life of young schoolchildren, who find it so difficult to find their place in the ocean of life. The guys visit different clubs, but this helps to free the head from everyday problems. Then they come to the conclusion that it’s time to find a more interesting occupation.

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To dispel boredom, they decide to make their own movie, filled with merry moments. The collectives of the video club and the theater circle have united for such a serious goal. For a long time they discussed psychological moments and, finally, decided to act. The shooting was in full swing.

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Soon the name for the movie was invented – albeit not unanimously, but the title “Intergalactic lust” was adopted by the majority of participants. In the first season, Luke decided to create a new ending for the movie, in order to ask forgiveness from Kate. The idea was successful.

The guys decided to stay in friendly relations after Kate confessed her homosexuality. Kiss Emaline and Kate smashed the heart of McQuaid, in love with Emallin. Now it is not known how the rejected lover will behave. Sherry and Ken finally managed to make up.

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The second season will tell about the beginning of the relationship between Kate and Emaline, as well as about the secrecy of Leslie, who has not yet admitted her sympathy for Tyler. But the biggest plot was created by the last scene, where Leroy appeared now can become a threat to the peaceful existence of several people – Luke, Sherry and Ken.

Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Kate – Peyton Kennedy.
  • McQuaid – Rio Mangini.
  • Emaline – Sidney Sweeney.
  • Sherry – Claudine Mboliqelani Nako.
  • Ken – The patch of Darro.
  • Luke – Jahi Diallo Winston.
  • Leroy – Zachary Ray Sherman.
  • Tyler – Quinn Libling.
  • Leslie – Abby Britl.

Interesting Facts

  1. The network has rumors that the second season can be canceled by Netflix, but until there is an official announcement, loyal viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season.
  2. The creators of the series were Michael Mohan, who owns the painting “An Important Date” and York Johnson, who took part in writing the script for the films “Full Breast” and “Beauty inside”.
  3. The first season premiered on February 16, 2018. You can fully view it on Netflix video sharing.
  4. For the younger generation, the show fell in love. A minimum of vulgarity, a maximum of morality. The theme of same-sex love does not cause the public negative emotions for a long time and teaches to be more loyal to people with non-traditional sexual orientation.
  5. Critics have reacted ambiguously to the picture, ridiculing the plot and the game of growing up schoolchildren. But the audience, who watched the first season from start to finish, was deeply in love with young children and now watches the development of relations of favorite characters with rapture.
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Everything Sucks! Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1Closed
2x02Series 2Closed
2x03Series 3Closed
2x04Series 4Closed
2x05Series 5Closed
2x06Series 6Closed
2x07Series 7Closed
2x08Series 8Closed
2x09Series 9Closed
2x10Series 10Closed

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