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For many years, Kristen Bouchard has been mountain climbing with her husband. But the years went by, the girl realized that it was time to have children, and now she is raising a quartet of daughters. There was no time left for hobbies, but the husband did not give up his hobby. While he was gone, the house bills were rising and Kristen had to take a dubious job that paid well…

“Evil ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the supernatural drama “Evil” has not been officially announced, but since the released 3 seasons showed very high ratings and were well received by the audience and film critics, it is unlikely that the producers will want to close the project.
If we talk about the date of the premiere of the season 4 of “Evil”, then now no one can say something concrete. But it is necessary to focus on the summer of 2023 — this information is from unofficial sources. Most likely, the new episodes will be shown in June.


Four daughters are the most valuable thing Kristen has. She tries to work only at a job where she manages to look after the children. The latest work was extorting confessions from murderers. The next task ends with an acquaintance with David Acosta — a huge man who works as a preacher. He needs the help of a specialist like Kristen.

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Exhausted, tired of constant troubles, household noise, lack of money and misunderstanding on the part of employers, she easily agrees to a strange adventure. At the beginning of the TV show, Acosta was only studying to be a priest and exorcising demons from people. Bouchard’s unwillingness to believe in such things makes her a valuable employee, since David himself cannot determine whether his next ward is sick.

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From Kristen, he needs an objective assessment of the situation, which will not let David stumble. Often there are people who think they are obsessed or pretend to be possessed for personal purposes. At this time, life tests Kristen for strength, and in order to withstand another batch of problems, she talks with a psychotherapist. A woman dreams of Everest, travel and freedom.

Frame from the TV show

Kristen hardly returns to the thoughts of the children who are pulling her back, preventing her from doing what she loves. She says this to a psychotherapist, but she never dares to tell the children. The woman’s mother requires active financial intervention from the father of her granddaughters. But the man doesn’t really indulge them with finances, and what mountain guide earns a lot?

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Frequent communication with David begins to affect Kristen. She likes him, but it’s scary to admit it even to herself. Together they have to investigate mysterious cases that do not always turn out to be mystical. By the end of Season 1, Bouchard commits a brutal murder and tells her psychiatrist about it. Kristen believes that she had a motive, although in reality there were chances to put the murdered man behind bars without resorting to drastic measures.

Over time, Kristen’s skepticism is subjected to new tests, as demons increasingly occupy her thoughts. It looks like a delusion, because even a cross accidentally taken in hand causes unbearable burns. Realizing that she is gradually losing her mind, Bouchard tries to return herself to a state of skepticism, but something clicks inside her when she sees her old enemy — Leland Townsend…

Actors and their roles

  • Dr. Kristen Bouchard — worked in the prosecution office, specialized in talking with criminals and bringing them to the truth; proud of having climbed 7 mountain peaks and hopes to climb two more; is in a difficult relationship with her husband, who decided not to give up his passion — Katja Herbers.
  • David Acosta — a few years ago he worked as a journalist, but later his fate was changed by a woman; he has an infinite supply of kindness; spent some time in a war zone; believes in the existence of the supernatural and tries to protect people from the attacks of demons — Mike Colter.
  • Ben Shakir — another skeptic from Acosta’s team; well versed in the technical characteristics of the equipment necessary for work; relies on real-life crime and actually ridicules the possibility of the existence of the devil and other evil spirits — Aasif Mandvi.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Katja Herbers has been an actress since 2002. Her most significant and striking role is the girl Emily Grace from the HBO drama TV series “Westworld“, the season 4 of which was released on June 26, 2022.
  2. Mike Colter may soon appear in a MARVEL feature film. Previously, he played the role of Luke Cage, which he will soon have to reprise for a new project.
  3. The TV show was written by the King couple. Spouses Robert and Michelle have already worked together on the creation of the TV series “The Good Wife”. Inspired by the success, in 2017 they decided to jointly write the plot for the “Evil” project, and already in 2019 the season 1 was released, which also later became successful.

Evil Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 12023
4x02Series 22023
4x03Series 32023
4x04Series 42023
4x05Series 52023
4x06Series 62023
4x07Series 72023
4x08Series 82023
4x09Series 92023
4x10Series 102023

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