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Exciting adventures of happy family will not leave anyone indifferent. Peter, Lois and three children make up the cell of American society. All the problems that this family experiences are floating out, which makes it interesting to observe the life of the characters.

When will the animated series “Family Guy season 17” come out?

The long-awaited continuation of the animated series “Family Guy” will be available for viewing on September 30, 2018.


Peter – a stupid middle-aged man, for whom it is necessary to solve all problems to his wife. Lois is more independent – she follows the children, tries to help them solve problems, and is constantly with Stewie.

By the way, this little handmade child is in fact an extremely dangerous little man – in the previous season he again tried to kill Lois, did bad things in the kindergarten and planned to run away from home. But the mother’s caring hands did not allow him to do anything wrong.

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A shot from the animated series

The eldest daughter Meg is forced to endure numerous harassment at school, and when she comes home she is also from her father. The average child Chris suffers from overweight and is very worried about the fact that he does not have a girlfriend.

Brian is a domestic dog who talks, builds a personal life and periodically falls into alcohol dependence. Each season of the animated series contains new twists and turns of events, which does not prevent the family from getting together and talking about their problems.

The picture ridicules the standards of American society, openly speaks of its own non-tolerance, and reveals the forbidden topics with brilliance. The popularity of the cartoon grows with each season, which indicates the interest of people in urgent problems, even if they are banned.

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Roles were voiced

  • Peter, Stewie and Bryan – Seth MacFarlane. Musician, animator, creator, director, producer, screenwriter, actor. Known for his humor and cartoons “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show”.
  • Lois – Alex Borstein. Actress with a worldwide reputation. He has been voicing his character since 1999. She starred in TV series “Love Cooper”, “Amazing Mrs. Meisel”, “Frontier City”.
  • Meg – Mila Kunis. The native of Ukraine. Comedy actress, played the main roles in the films “Revival Jupiter”, “Mamashi”, “Sex for Friendship”.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first season of the animated series was released in 1999. Spectators for a long time could not get used to such cruel humor, but ridiculing the common ideals of American society helped the creators to succeed in promoting the animated series.
  2. In the very first episode, Lois was shown not as a redhead, but as a blonde with yellow hair.
  3. Over the long years of the existence of the project, the creators have repeatedly been criticized and even several times won court proceedings. Many people still believe that the show harms their children. The only thing that remains unclear is why angry plaintiffs are allowed to watch their TV series with the label “for adults”?
  4. The image of Lois Griffin can be seen on various household items – on soap dishes, balls, briefs, etc.
  5. Chris has a horrible monkey in the closet that nobody sees except him. In fact, the animal was not always so embittered – this is the result of the fact that one day the monkey found his wife in bed with another monkey.
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Family Guy season 17 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
17x01Series 1September 30, 2018
17x02Series 2October 7, 2018
17x03Series 3October 14, 2018
17x04Series 4October 21, 2018
17x05Series 5October 28, 2018
17x06Series 6November 4, 2018
17x07Series 7November 11, 2018
17x08Series 8November 18, 2018
17x09Series 9November 25, 2018
17x10Series 10December 2, 2018

Family Guy – Stewie Griffin Funny Moments

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