Fate / Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly


The second film of the Fate/Stay Night series has the full title: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost butterfly

The war that people started for the Holy Grail ended more than a dozen years ago, but people still can not recover from the terrible tragedy. The city of Fuyuki recovers old ruin, which used to be the abode of people.

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When Shiro Emii was a small child, Emish took Kiritsugu for his upbringing. This was the beginning of the exciting life of a little boy.

When will the anime “Fate / Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly” come out?

Continuation of the animated film “Fate / Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel. Lost Butterfly” will be held in Japan on January 12, 2019. The series “Fate”, under which these movies, games and manga are released, made a lot of noise in the ranks of the media, so it is popular with everyone who is not indifferent to anime-pictures.

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Kiritsugu Emiya turned out to be a great magician, who laid the best qualities in little Shiro. The man became an example for his pupil and when it was time to choose the kind of future occupation – Emmy decided to continue the path of the Hero of Justice, which was Kiritsugu. Unfortunately, the named father could not live to see this story, which sadly affected the soul of the young Shirou.

With the course of life the baby has matured, he had a friend Shinji. Later Shiro found his beloved – she was the younger sister of her best friend – Sakura. The girl supported him in the most difficult moments of life, for which Shiro was immensely grateful to her.

Frame from anime

At first glance it can be said that the life of the inhabitants of Fuyuki began to rebuild, but people remember that the battles for the Holy Grail still continue. The main prize will be the fulfillment of the most cherished desire. Restless impulses of people become the main reason for the beginning of the Fifth War.

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Now Shiro is not a kid, he is a real fighter who is ready to participate in a fight. He is helped by classmate Rin Tohsaka, and their faithful servants are Archer and Saber.

Actors of scoring

  • Shiro Emii – left without parents after the First Battle for the Grail, a second-grade student, afraid that the Holy Grail will be given to a mad person, so he gets involved in the war – Noriaki Sugiyama.
  • Saber – the servant of Shirou, forces himself to suppress the emotions that have arisen and is always controlled for the purpose, is wary of the reckless expenditure of the magic energy to which the host is subject – Ayako Kawasumi.
  • Kire Kotomine is an antagonist, is involved in the Grail fight because of the signed agreement between the Tohsaka family and the Church – Jodzi Nakata.
  • Sakura is Shiro’s girlfriend, his main support, the girl’s ancestors were powerful wizards, but over time, the magic exhausted its resources, so Sakura has no magic powers – Noriko Sitaia.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of this movie is planned to release 4 more anime stories, each of which will give more and more answers to the accumulated questions of viewers. Official dates have not yet been announced, but for 15 years of the release of the “Fate” series, the audience has no doubt about the logical conclusion of the story.
  2. The site Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 90% freshness. This success has not yet been achieved by any anime.
  3. The anime “Fate / Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly” is the first episode of the adaptation of the eponymous game. The third part of the film-anime will be final – this has been known since 2015.
  4. The film-anime contains scenes of violence and profanity, so it is available to viewers over 16 years old.

Fate / Stay Night Movie: Heaven's Feel II. Lost Butterfly release date

NameRelease date
Fate / Stay Night Movie: Heaven's Feel II. Lost ButterflyJanuary 12, 2019

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