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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is known far beyond their own lands. That is why the producers of the project seized on the idea to show the audience what is happening in the very epicenter of events. The main character is Doron Kavillio, whose daughter is very sick. In exchange for an operation for her, he agrees to do what he does best — kill.

“Fauda ss 5”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the most popular Israeli TV show “Fauda” has not been officially announced. It is known that the creators of the series did not break the contract with either the directors or the actors, but there is no information about the upcoming filming of the new season at the moment. Given that the break between the premieres of previous seasons was about 2 years, then the theoretical 5th season is unlikely to be released before 2024. We continue to follow the news.


The enmity of the two peoples led to millions of losses. To be able to defend themselves, special squads are created. The activities of the Israeli group “Mista’arvim” is aimed at neutralizing and destroying criminals. In particular, they talk about terror, since explosions are constantly taking place on military territory through the fault of terrorists.

A few years ago, “Mista’arvim” fighters killed a Pantera militant whose beliefs ran counter to those of the squad. But the peace did not last long, as information appeared that Panther was actually alive and wanted to visit a relative at his wedding. Trying to organize an ambush, “Mista’arvim” fighters risk their lives.

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As a result, the groom dies, and Panther manages to escape. Doron managed to wound Panther, and his capture was only a matter of time. While the bandit is at large, Doron is obliged to keep the fragile peace on the streets of the city. Unfortunately, his sick daughter urgently needs an operation, which will be performed only after the capture of Panther.

The main characters of the TV show

But there are also accompanying problems. For example, the wife of a guy killed at a wedding decided to take revenge on her enemies at all costs. To do this, she did a great job and did not hesitate to take her own life in order to complete her revenge. She did it — she was able to take the lives of other people.

In the end, Doron manages to deal with Panther. But where there is one terrorist, there will be a second one. Each next season is a new adventure for Doron, who dreams of peace. He has to pretend to be different people, accept dangerous work and constantly be at the epicenter of events. How will this battle end? And who will have to give up their beliefs?

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Actors and roles

  • Doron Kavillio — has experienced many losses and is shudderingly awaiting the impending death of his daughter, when his former boss suddenly appears, offering to send the girl for an operation in exchange for Panther’s head; Doron is harsh, which often affects his relationship with the management — Lior Raz.
  • Hertzel — an optimist and Kavillio’s best friend; always skillfully covered his back, but after an unsuccessful operation at the wedding, he was shot and sent to the reserve; not upset because he sees only the good in life — Doron Ben-David.
  • Amal — the bride of the groom killed at the wedding; seeks retribution and eventually finds it by blowing herself up in a public place — Muna Hawa.
  • Gabi — a strategist, manipulator, finds leverage on people and skillfully puts pressure on them; deciding at all costs to force Doron to come out of vacation; he found a hole in his defenses, it turned out to be a daughter who would not last long without treatment — Itzik Cohen.
  • Nurit — is the only woman working in the counter-terrorist squad — Rona-Lee Shimon.
  • Taufiq — an ambiguous character, a terrorist nicknamed “The Panther” and the main enemy of the “Mista’arvim” squad in the season 1; hid from Doron for several years; was accidentally found by counterintelligence, and later he was overtaken by retribution for sins — Hisham Sulliman.
  • Bashar Hamdan — appears in the season 3; at first he is shown as a talented boxer, who is trained by Doron, but his father’s terrorist instructions play a role and the guy chooses the wrong side; is in prison for murder — Ala Dakka.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Lior Raz not only managed to become the main face of the TV show. He co-created the project with Avi Issacharoff.
  2. From Arabic, the word “fauda” is translated as “chaos”. Thanks to the TV show, many foreigners learned about the details of the Palestinian-Israeli disputes.
  3. For political reasons, the TV show was broadcast only in 23 countries that are supporters of Israel in the struggle for independence from Palestinian terrorists. Many countries did not support the side of events that was shown in the TV series.
  4. The Israelis first saw the pilot episode on February 15, 2015. The last ones are the Hungarian viewers, it happened on June 2, 2020.

Fauda Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 12024
5x02Series 22024
5x03Series 32024
5x04Series 42024
5x05Series 52024
5x06Series 62024
5x07Series 72024
5x08Series 82024
5x09Series 92024
5x10Series 102024

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