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The plot of the series is centered around the work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the city of New York. Special agents Maggie Bell and Omar Zidan are forced to save lives every day. In this case, often at the cost of someone else’s life becomes thier own. How long will our heroes take in such situations? Who will be their next enemy?

When will the “FBI Season 3” TV show come out?

The continuation of the detective TV series “FBI” is scheduled for release on November 17, 2020. The audience has not yet seen such open work: the directors are not shy to show the true face of the FBI employees, making a big emphasis on the fact that in the real world everything happens just like that. Transactions with bandits, surveillance of their own agents and other dirty things are shown what they are.


Not so long ago, Maggie lost her beloved husband, which affected her morale. Being one of the best employees of the New York department of the FBI, the girl has to remain calm in a bad game. But how prepared is she for this role? After all, there is nothing stronger than the pain of losing a loved one.

After the incident, Maggie closed herself in and stopped opening even to her partner Omar, who always treated her with good nature. Noticing something was wrong, he repeatedly suggested that Maggie speak out, because he understands how difficult it is to keep such memories in his memory. But Maggie did not want to make contact for a long time.

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Only another high-profile crime was the starting point that pitied Maggie’s heart. The blame for the blown up house, in which, a moment before the explosion, the special agent was not allowed to go by the raging mother. Inside was her seven-year-old son, who did not survive the destruction of the building. Mother blamed what happened for Maggie, and she actually began to feel remorse.

Frame from the series

After this moment, the concrete wall that Bell erected after the death of her husband began to gradually melt and the relationship between the partners restored. Maggie decided not to hide her depression, and Omar was ready to support her at the right time. Unfortunately, tragic cases did not decrease from this. New problems rained down on special agents.

Terrorism, global crimes, and political conflicts are the main themes of the series. In addition to the personal lives of each of the heroes, it tells what crimes the FBI New York department employees have to investigate and what is required in order for the outcome of the case to take a minimum of lives.

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Maggie is constantly trying to keep the number of victims to a minimum. Omar’s goal is similar, but there is Dana Mosier – the head of the FBI. No matter how hard she has to, she is forced to make the most difficult decisions within her leadership. This often becomes a stumbling block between her and the rest of the department…

Actors and their roles

  • Omar Zidan – FBI special agent, teamed with Maggie Bell; he is trying to get her out of the depressive state in which she fell after the death of her husband; Omar has previously served in Afghanistan and can tell a lot about hostilities; he is smart, but sometimes he can ruin everything with his own quick temper; without hesitation is able to make all claims to his partner – Zeeko Zaki.
  • Maggie Bell – works in the New York FBI Special Department with Omar Zidane; was married to a reporter, not so long ago became a widow; trying to get used to his new status, but later accepting moral help from Omar; Maggie is very impressionable and most of all pity for innocent children – Missy Peregrym.
  • Dana Mosier – head of the FBI department, an imperious, strong-willed woman, capable of making the most severe decisions; no doubt occupies the very post that she can handle; capable of quickly making the most important decisions in the life of the organization – Sela Ward.

Interesting Facts

  1. The premiere of the painting took place on September 25, 2018 and has been popular since then. Viewers appreciate the realism of events, because in each series it is not clear to the very end whether beloved heroes will survive or not. Too many heroes have already been lost in the first 2 seasons.
  2. Zeeko Zaki served in Afghanistan in real life, only much less than his hero, and has much less military skills.
  3. Jean de Segonzac became the director of the season 3. His most popular projects are “Chicago Fire”, “The Americans“, “Chicago P.D.”, “The Royals”, “Chicago Med”, “Of Kings and Prophets”. It should be noted that each of his series becomes a long-running project – all of the series listed above continue to this day.
  4. Missy Peregrym twice tried to leave the project, but thanks to a well-coordinated relationship with her partner Zeeko Zaki and the vehement indignation of the director, she managed to dissuade the girl. After filming the season 2, she received an offer to star in a third-party series. It is still unknown whether Missy accepted the offer or will remain with the FBI.
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FBI Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1November 17, 2020
3x02Series 2November 24, 2020
3x03Series 3December 1, 2020
3x04Series 4December 8, 2020
3x05Series 5December 15, 2020
3x06Series 6December 22, 2020
3x07Series 7December 29, 2020
3x08Series 8January 5, 2022
3x09Series 9January 12, 2022
3x10Series 10January 19, 2022

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