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The measured American life of the Madison Clark family ended at the moment when strange events began to take place in the city. Not believing Nick, the son of a drug addict, who claimed to have seen the living dead, the woman found evidence on her own. Having become the first witnesses of the coming apocalypse, Madison had no idea how far it would go…

“Fear the Walking Dead ss 7”: release date, announcement

The popularity of the project called “The Walking Dead” does not subside, and the seasons are extended one after another – comics are enjoying the same success. The continuation of the show “Fear the Walking Dead” is scheduled for October 17, 2021. And to release a season in autumn in an interval of one year is already a tradition of its creators.


The children did not appreciate the joint life of Madison and Travis. Alicia and Nick, Madison’s children from their first marriage, did not want to admit that they now have a stepfather. And why? Everyone has their own troubles. Nick is mired in drug addiction so much that one day he ends up in the hospital with hallucinations, even if it does not immediately become clear that it was reality.

Alicia is absorbed in her studies, thoughts of a new college and her boyfriend, who is masterfully painting the walls of graffiti. Travis has a son, Chris, who doesn’t even want to pick up the phone from his calling father. Against the background of these events, strange things are happening in the city – videos appear on social networks where policemen shoot civilians to kill – but they do not die.

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Those who are especially attentive notice that only a shot to the head helps to neutralize the walkers. Meanwhile, Nick escapes from the hospital and accidentally kills his drug dealer. Having asked his parents for help, thereby convincing them that his visions are real, the guy goes with them in search of Alicia. At this time, the girl is with her boyfriend, who was bitten by a living dead the day before.

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Realizing what threatens the girl being near her lover, the parents convince her that the guy will soon get well, although they understand that he will die and turn into an eater of human bodies. The family has no choice but to go to a secluded place, where an epidemic of death with subsequent resurrection in the form of a zombie does not threaten them.

There is one more problem – Travis cannot get through to Chris, who is not aware of what is happening. But they do not have time to meet – a wave of madness covers the city. Politicians are silent to the last about what is happening, but people see with their own eyes that a real nightmare is happening: the living dead rush at people, biting off their flesh.

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Thus began the story of the confrontation between the Madison and Travis family and the rest of the militant survivors. Unfortunately, until season 7, only Alicia was able to survive and teamed up with Morgan. How will the continuation of the show surprise us? Will Alicia face the same fate as her family?

Actors and their roles

  • Alicia – an excellent student, clever and beautiful, despises her brother who is addicted to drugs; before the apocalypse, she met an African American who was soon bitten and turned into a zombie; later became a member of one of the most powerful groups created in the post-apocalyptic world – Alycia Debnam-Carey.
  • Nick – Alicia’s brother; long before the extinction of the world he was a drug addict and was one of the first to see the walking dead, attributing it to hallucinations from drugs; after the appearance of the walkers, he still tried to find drugs, but soon stopped; was killed while examining a flower – Frank Dillane.
  • Morgan – lost his family at the very beginning of the apocalypse, since then he has gradually lost his mind; prefers to stay alone, although for a long time he considered himself a member of Rick Grimes’s team (“The Walking Dead”); was able to gain the trust of the Madison group and continues to walk with her, even after the death of the woman – Lennie James.
  • Madison – the mother of Alicia and Nick; used to help people in choosing a profession; dealt with dysfunctional students; for a long time she stood at the head of the group, successfully passing all the tests, but in season 4 she sacrificed herself, closing herself in a room with walkers in order to set fire – Kim Dickens.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Frank Dillane said that he came to audition for the project “Fear the Walking Dead” at a time when he did not watch a single episode of the movie “The Walking Dead”, which is considered a parallel story. The events of both tapes take place at the same time, and later familiar characters appear in both projects.
  2. Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson are working on a vivid plot, who took over 10 people as their assistants. In order to avoid a mistake in the script, before giving it to the director, each author reads the plot. This helps to avoid shortcomings in the future, because showrunners are counting on the long screen life of this TV show.
  3. During the release of the show, there are more than 20 constant heroes and 40 people who appear sporadically, but are directly related to the plot. Also, sometimes some characters appear in the TV series that are the main characters of the show “The Walking Dead”, for example, Carol, Rick Grimes or Morgan.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1October 17, 2021
7x02Series 2October 24, 2021
7x03Series 3October 31, 2021
7x04Series 4November 7, 2021
7x05Series 5November 14, 2021
7x06Series 6November 21, 2021
7x07Series 7November 28, 2021
7x08Series 8December 5, 2021
7x09Series 9December 12, 2021
7x10Series 10December 19, 2021

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