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The TV series “Fear the Walking Dead” is a spin-off of its predecessor, the hit TV project “The Walking Dead“, which premiered in 2010. Unlike the original film, “Fear the Walking Dead” follows a different group of survivors whose members are constantly changing. The action begins to unfold at the moment of the impending death of the familiar world and leads the audience into a new one — the world of chaos and imminent death…

“Fear the Walking Dead ss 8”: release date, announcement

Despite the fact that the number of views is rapidly falling from season to season, the creators of the TV series “Fear The Walking Dead” intend to film the season 8. An impressive army of fans is waiting for the continuation, but will it be? Of course yes! And it’s confirmed! Official sources claim that the new episodes will be released on May 14, 2023. Unfortunately, this will be the last season!


Madison Clark, along with children Nick and Alicia, as well as her second husband Travis, find themselves in the very epicenter of events. Nick tells his mother about the unusual hallucinations he saw while high. But the situation is such that Madison is forced to check the information. And although she was sure that her son was lying, his story turns out to be true.

Nick saw his girlfriend trying to eat him and looking like a zombie at the same time. From that day on, all over the city, the police began to fire at people who behaved strangely. Confusion began, people were closed to their homes, but it was not safe there either. Someone committed suicide and attacked others, someone needed medical assistance, but in the end they died without waiting for it.

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All the dead came to life and turned into predatory zombies. Inhibited, but still deadly. Traveling through the post-apocalyptic world, Madison lost her lover. Later, she had to come to terms with the loss of her only son. And soon she herself had to save her group, becoming a hostage of the walkers, whom she set on fire at the stadium. The woman burned herself to protect her loved ones.

Frame from the TV show

Alicia couldn’t come to her senses for a long time. Morally she was broken, because she had no one left. At the very beginning, her boyfriend got sick and turned into a zombie, trying to attack her. Then the girl lost Travis, Nick. The death of her mother was given to her even harder. But more recently, Morgan has become the leader of the group of survivors. And its previous leader for a long time was Madison Clark.

This man lost his wife and son at the beginning of the events. Despair settled in his soul for a long time. Morgan could not cope with his mental state and only now the wounds began to slowly heal. Understanding Alicia, he condescendingly accepts her impulses to express her grief in his art — drawing on trees calms Alicia down, although many others do not like her actions.

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Year after year, they come across people who are ready to take everything they have. But the main characters do not lose hope that someday there will be a corner on earth in which they will be safe, continue to live and stop being afraid that the walking dead will attack them…

Actors and their roles

  • Madison Clark — all her life she tried to help people and forgot about herself; in the world of madness, she became an excellent fighter for the rights of loved ones, as a result of which she became the leader of the group; lost her son and husband, and then sacrificed herself to save others and her own daughter; died in season 4 — Kim Dickens.
  • Alicia — a girl who has lost herself, who has no relatives left; meets a guy who draws in trees, gets ideas and starts repeating after him, feeling better; for a long time she could not kill walkers, because she was afraid — Alycia Debnam-Carey.
  • Morgan — one of the characters that viewers know from the TV series “The Walking Dead”; the wife first turned into a zombie, and then their son died; Morgan traveled alone and was in another group for some time, but later decided to travel again and met the Madison group — Lennie James.

Interesting Facts

  1. Fans of the series are confident that in the new episodes, the main storyline will revolve around Alisha. The fact is that the events of the comic strip of the same name unfold in this way. And while there are already too many differences from the original, it doesn’t scare the fans too much.
  2. Since 2015, short stories about heroes have appeared, which for a short time become part of the TV series. Sometimes, footage from short films is used in promo videos for TV shows.
  3. In 2019, the web series “The Althea Tapes” was released, in which Althea, known as a former journalist and lover of conversation, interviews people she meets while driving an armored military truck around the world. These stories contain many interesting facts, and only the most attentive will find clues to subsequent seasons in them.
  4. When filming the TV show, there was a scandal. The reason for this is a lawsuit filed by the author of the zombie comics “Dead Ahead” Mel Smith. He accused the creators of the series “Fear the Walking Dead” of plagiarism, because it is in his comic that there is a scene of rescue from zombies on the water. Later, the conflict was settled, the details of which were not disclosed.
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1May 14, 2023
8x02Series 2May 21, 2023
8x03Series 3May 28, 2023
8x04Series 4June 4, 2023
8x05Series 5June 11, 2023
8x06Series 6June 18, 2023
8x07Series 7June 25, 2023
8x08Series 8July 2, 2023
8x09Series 9July 9, 2023
8x10Series 10July 16, 2023

The Cast Of “Fear the Walking Dead” Talks About Season 5 Of The AMC Series

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