Flash Season 5


Being very young, Barry Allen witnesses the brutal murder of his own mother. The crime was mistakenly accused of his father, who was subsequently imprisoned, after which the child was left an orphan. After years, Barry gets the opportunity to get a job in the police and becomes a forensic expert. For a long time, the child carries the idea of ​​finding the killer of his mother and proving his father’s innocence. While conducting experiments in a chemical laboratory, he becomes a victim of an accidental explosion of a particle accelerator. Lightning strikes Allen all over the body, the guy loses consciousness and falls into a coma.

The series Flash Season 5 will bring together other famous characters, such as Arrow, Supergirl, and others. The new series will be available for viewing as early as October 2018


9 months after the accident, Alan comes to life and feels changes in the body – it comes to the ability to move at the highest possible speed. Behind him begins to monitor Professor Harrison Wells, who works in the laboratory Starlabs. He wanted to help Barry, because he knew the truth about the superpowers and the reason for their formation.

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flash-5-seasonOn the streets of Central City, other people began to appear, who also got the ability during the explosion, but decided to use them for evil. Harrison convinces Flash that the city needs help, and the latter agrees. To help get rid of crime, he dresses in a suit with a picture of lightning and takes the pseudonym Flash. They are joined by followers, who are not indifferent to the fate of their native city.
At the end of the first season managed to get rid of a huge funnel, which opened the passage to other lands.

The second season shows the main antagonist Zuma, who came from the funnel and also has a super speed, like Flash. His goal – to take the power of Barry, with the help of which he intended to destroy all universes. After sending mercenaries from his lands to search for and killing Flash, he suffered setbacks and soon came after him himself. In the battle for primacy, Zoom dealt a crushing blow to the enemy, depriving him of the opportunity to fight and seized the power of the entire Central City. The confrontation continued until the victory of the good side.

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The third season tells of Barry’s desire to return the mother from the past and try to keep her alive. The present is distorted and Barry has to correct his mistakes for a long time.

Actors and their roles

  • Barry Allen – Thomas Grand Gastin. Got world fame after the first season. Participated in the television series “Arrow”, starred in the main role of the film “Tom and Grant”, which was released for the show in 2017.
  • Murderer Frost – Daniel Panabaker. Has a wide scope in the career, but the last 5 years devoted to the series “Supergirl”, “Flash”, “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow”, in each of which plays the murderer Frost.
  • Iris West Allen – Candice Button. The first major role was given in this series, she previously acted only in episodic roles and often took part in American television shows.
  • Harrison Wells – Thomas Patrick Kavanagh, reverse Flash. Awarded the Teem Choice Award in the category “Best villain”
  • Cisco Ramón – Carlos Valdez. In addition to roles in film, he is a singer, composer and musician. In other series is not removed.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The speed of the Flash is more than the speed of light about 9 times, besides this, it can take away the abilities of other heroes and people.
  2. esse James played Trickster twice, the first time in the 90s.
  3. Wesley Shipp – Allen’s father, in the first 1990 film, played Flash himself.

Flash Season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1Oct 8, 2018
5x02Series 2Oct 15, 2018
5x03Series 3Oct 22, 2018
5x04Series 4Oct 29, 2018
5x05Series 5Nov 5, 2018
5x06Series 6Nov 12, 2018
5x07Series 7Nov 19, 2018
5x08Series 8Nov 26, 2018
5x09Series 9Dec 3, 2018
5x10Series 10Dec 10, 2018

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