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Olivia is an enviable bride and just an amazing woman. Good disposition, subtle manners and masculine acumen in business — this is all that her own perseverance awarded her. Her father, Mr. Winfield, had no other heirs, so he decided to build an empire on a par with his daughter. Things were going well, but the father dreamed of marrying his daughter to an influential man whose past is a mystery…

“Flowers in the Attic: The Origin ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the historical drama “Flowers in the Attic: The Origin” is planned by the creators. However, at the moment, the exact release date of season 2 is still unknown. Most likely, the new episodes will take place closer to the summer of 2023. We continue to follow the news.


Mr. Winfield spared no expense to support and educate his daughter. Olivia grew up a smart girl. When she was very young, she lost her mother, and both parents were replaced by a loving father. He always wanted to continue the family and often arranged meetings with influential people who were suitable for Olivia’s husbands.

Another meeting brought the long-awaited result. The influential Mr. Malcolm Foxworth from the first moments of their acquaintance behaved like a charming gentleman. His caring attitude made such a good impression on Olivia that she instantly fell in love. A marriage proposal soon followed, which she accepted with great joy.

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Immediately after the wedding, the newlyweds move to Malcolm’s parental estate. Foxworth Hall seems to Olivia a dark, mysterious place, and she tries to unravel all the mysteries that come her way. Upon arrival, the husband ignores Olivia, does not allow many things to be done, and what the wife is allowed to do is always subjected to harsh criticism.

Frame from the TV show

The servants are unfriendly, and Olivia manages to improve relations with only one of them. Chief housekeeper, Mrs. Steiner does not deliver mail to the hostess, so the news of the death of Olivia’s father is brought to her by her cousin John Amos, who has been secretly in love with her from an early age. Along with this, he says that all the property of Mr. Winfield is now the property of the banks that gave him loans..

Poor Olivia! She has absolutely nowhere to go, and even her husband does not want normal intimacy with her, preferring only violence. Gathering her strength, courage and enlisting a little support, she prepares to escape and… Olivia finds out that she has been carrying Malcolm’s child under her heart for several months. She again has to stay in a hated house…

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The TV show shows how time, place and circumstances change people. From a good-natured, inquisitive mind girl, Olivia turns into a real monster. But the audience will learn all her sins from the events described in the second season…

Actors and their roles

  • Malcolm Foxworth — a selfish rich man with dozens of servants; marries Olivia but has easy affairs with other women; tries to seduce his stepmother, for whom he has a great passion; honors the memory of his mother, who left him when he was barely 5 years old; demands that Olivia is not like his mother — Max Irons.
  • Olivia — was raised by her beloved father, who helped her through life; skillfully managed a small company; loved to read; after marriage, she repeatedly tried to run away from Malcolm, but she was stopped; becomes an unloved inhabitant of Foxworth Hall for decades — Jemima Rooper.
  • John Amos — an old friend of Olivia; a modest young man who burned with feelings for her, which, unfortunately, was not noticed by her; trying to help her in any endeavor — Paul Wesley.
  • Alicia — Malcolm’s young stepmother, with whom he was in love and showed attention to her even in the presence of his wife — Alana Boden.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The TV show is based on the series of novels by Virginia Andrews “The Dollangangers”. The events of the season 1 are described in the book “Garden of Shadows”. In the future, it is planned to release at least five seasons that will reveal the dark secrets of Corrine, the daughter of Alicia and Malcolm Foxworth, as well as Christopher, the son of Olivia.
  2. Previous attempts had already been made to film the Foxworth story, but they had all failed. In 1987, Olivia was played by Louise Fletcher, and in 2014 by Ellen Burstyn.
  3. After the successful TV series “The Vampire Diaries”, Paul Wesley starred in several more projects, including the highly rated “Tell Me a Story“, “Defending Jacob“, “The Originals“. In March 2022, it was revealed that Paul was cast as James Tiberia Kirk in Season 2 of the TV series “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds“.
  4. In 2010, it became known that Virginia Andrews did not invent the story, as previously thought — a similar family did exist, and Andrews only made artistic corrections to it. In 2013, book editor Ann Patty confirmed this fact.

Flowers in the Attic: The Origin Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1summer 2023
2x02Series 2summer 2023
2x03Series 3summer 2023
2x04Series 4summer 2023

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