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The accidental encounter of Nandaba Naota is turned upside down all his inner world. Being a 12-year-old child, he could not even imagine how the unexpected acquaintance with Haruhara Haruko would end. An ardent lover of music has become not only the cause of many troubles, but also the only friend ready to come 2 help in a difficult moment.

When will the anime “FLCL season 4” come out?

The 4th part of the anime “Fooly Cooly” will not take place.
The creators reported this before the release of the third season, which was announced final.


On one of the most ordinary days, Nandaba becomes a victim of a scooter, the driver of which was Haruhara. The meeting went so emotionally that, in addition to everything, Naota got on the head Haruko’s bass guitar. An unpleasant meeting left a sediment in the boy’s head, but the most horrible news was waiting for him at home.

It turns out that Haruko was hired for Nandaba as a maid. At the same time, there was another problem – from the boy’s head began to climb out robots of huge sizes, in fact owned by the well-known company in the city of Medical Mechanica.

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This triggers a series of irreversible consequences for newly made friends. The first season was marked by the confrontation of Haruko, Amarao – who followed Nandaba, and the company Medical Mechanica. In the second season, the narrative begins with Hidomi – an ordinary girl without a special love for adventure.

But soon a school teacher settled in her school. Guess who? Haruko! Very soon it becomes known that the city was attacked by the alien company Medical Mechanica, and Hidomi is trying to uncover his subconscious, because in him lies the salvation of mankind.

The events of the third season unfold a few years after the second part. Kana, a high school graduate, loves music and does not imagine her life without her. Her usual days always fly past her friends: Hidziri, Pets and Mossan. And everything would be great if a real robot with the main character of the first part, Haruko, did not fall from the sky to it. From now no one will be bored.

What will we see in season 4? For sure, it will be a new schoolchild, whom Haruhara will drag into a frenzied struggle for the interests of mankind. The company Medical Mechanica is still eager to continue the war with people, but the main characters will not allow such a turn.


The actors / Seiyuu

Haruko Haruhara – sometimes called Raharu. The girl is an alien, adores her bass guitar Rickenbacker 4001 and masterfully owns it. For a long time, its main goal is to find Atomsk. Not inclined to adapt to others, easily disregards people, capable of discouraging the public in a matter of seconds. He flies on a motor scooter in the form of a spaceship – Haiora Miradzawa.

Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of the season of anime “FLCL” most people decided to abandon further viewing, as the edge of delusions and common sense was completely blurred, which gave the impression of unrelated events.
  2. After 2 first series of 2nd season the audience has grown up 2 times, in comparison with the first season. The character of Nandaba did not evoke any emotion from the public, and Hidomi easily became a favorite. You can safely say that the change of character was a trump card in the sleeve of the creators.
  3. As usual with the anime series, the first manga appeared, dated 1999-2001. Then they released OVA, rip-off and only then did the series begin.
  4. Music is given special attention, because it perfectly fits the semantic load and fits into the series. One of the crazy tracks of the Japanese band The Pillows can still be found on the Internet.
  5. When voting for a favorite character, all the characters received the same number of votes. With a small margin came forward Haruko, but most likely, this is due to her constant participation in each season. The series shows every second action and everything thanks to it.

FLCL season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1not announced


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