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About 30 years have passed since the moment the world met six inseparable friends. Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross have always found something to please the viewer. All the delights of life associated with friendship could be seen in this TV show. Therefore, when it came to special edition, people became interested in what it is…

“Friends: The Reunion ss 1”: release date, announcement

Thanks to the love of the audience, our favorite heroes will reappear on the screens. On May 27, 2021, HBO Max will post a 60-minute release, which will bring together the main characters of the “Friends” TV show.

In April 2020, filming was postponed indefinitely. The reason was the coronavirus, which spread throughout the world. Bob Greenblatt, director of WarnerMedia Entertainment, said that if the situation does not stabilize by the end of the summer of 2020 and the shooting cannot be completed, then the special issue will be held as an online broadcast.


At the time the series began, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey were already familiar, but some of them saw Rachel for the first time. After escaping from the wedding, she decided to hide with her longtime girlfriend Monica, whose brother Ross had previously been in love with her. So six different guys turned out to be tied together for many years.

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Interests changed, but friendship remained unchanged. The guys met with someone on the side, and sometimes they realized that they had feelings for each other. Monica realized that she could not live without Chandler, and for a long time the couple could not have a baby. Only in the last series, Monica was able to give birth with the help of doctors. And the happiness of the young father knew no bounds – twins were born.

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Rachel for a long time could not decide on a man. She met with Ross, then one of them wanted to leave. In the end, Ross did not get married again, and Rachel even found out that she was pregnant from him. Having given birth, they tried for some time to isolate themselves from each other. But love prevailed and they did not resist their own feelings.

The main characters of the TV series

Phoebe’s strange character haunted no one. Either she decides to go in for vegetarianism, which the whole series adheres to, or decides to give birth to children and give them to her brother for upbringing. Earning a living with a massage, she manages to try herself in the role of a hippy guitarist, and believes that the song of her own composition about a cat is the most popular.

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Joey and Chandler are inseparable friends who have dozens of common interests. Ross is more squat, he is looking for the girl of his dreams, but constantly stumbles on failures. Only Rachel remained in his heart forever.

So friends lived for many seasons. But in the end, the show ended, and 25 years later they will reunite in a special issue on HBO Max.

Actors and their roles

  • Rachel Green – a naive careerist who is in love with Ross and is obsessed with fashion – Jennifer Aniston.
  • Ross – the brother of Monica, the eternal loser; works as a paleontologist; looking for his life partner, but only after many years he realizes that she was always nearby – David Schwimmer.
  • Monica – Ross’s sister, later girlfriend and wife of Chandler; for several years unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant, but in the end was able to give her husband the heirs – Courteney Cox.
  • Chandler – the husband of Monica, who for a long time was listed as a friend; at first they hid the fact of their love for each other in front of other friends, but in the end they became a loving family and moved on from everyone else – Matthew Perry.
  • Phoebe – a guitar lover; for a long time she sang in a cafe where friends gathered; fond of vegetarianism; gave her two children to other people to raise; earns massage and work in a taxi – Lisa Kudrow.
  • Joey – the dumbest of friends; has a bright appearance; attracts women; dreams of becoming an actor, but all his attempts end in failure; often plays second-rate roles – Matt LeBlanc.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Over the entire existence of the show, 236 episodes were shot.
  2. Matt LeBlanc before working with the special edition said that the reunion of “Friends” was planned without a clear script. Just the guys will meet and talk about what has changed in their lives over the past quarter century. And a plus to everything will be the memories of the good old days.
  3. The most successful actress of the “friends” was Jennifer Aniston, whose career with each film more and more went uphill. Therefore, for her participation in the special edition, the producers had to increase the Jennifer fee to $ 1 million, while the rest of the participants would receive 500 thousand.
  4. Be that as it may, filming will not begin until there is no time for this in the busy schedule of Jennifer Aniston. This is not her best contract, because for her participation in the show “The Morning Show” she earned about $ 10 million. To persuade Aniston to take part in the project “Friends: The Reunion”, the creators had to largely agree to her conditions.

Friends. Special Edition: release date

NumberRelease date
Friends. Special EditionMay 27, 2021

FRIENDS Movie Teaser Trailer Concept – Jennifer Aniston Friends Reunion

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