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Several dozen people live in a God-forsaken place. They had the misfortune of accidentally wandering into these lands and now they cannot get out of here, no matter which side they try to leave. Staying here forever is not the worst thing. Therefore, when darkness falls, the locals do not leave their homes. One day, a lost family comes to their settlement…

“From ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fantastic thriller “From” has not been officially announced. But the success of season 1 gives hope to horror fans that the TV series will soon return to the screens. In case of a favorable outcome, the premiere of season 2 may take place as early as the first half of 2023. At the moment, there is no information about the filming of new episodes yet.


Boyd Stevens keeps order in the community. It depends on him what punishment the offender will receive and how his future fate will turn out. Every evening before sunset, he walks around the neighborhood and rings a homemade bell — this is how he notifies residents that it’s time to disperse home. It is not safe to be outside at night.

A stone with engraved signs hangs on the door of each house. This protects people from creatures living in the nearby forest. Once a local drunkard stayed overnight in a bar. That night, monsters were able to get into his house, which tore to death his wife and little daughter. Going home the next morning, he ran into Boyd.

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The enraged leader of the settlement forced the man to look at the corpses of his relatives and experience pangs of conscience. Later, when the dead were buried, a trailer drove past the local cemetery. With sadness, the participants of the ceremony looked at the new arrivals. When they stopped to ask for directions, Boyd did not immediately say that they now had no way out.

Frame from the TV show

Jim , Tabitha and their children Julie and Ethan arrived in the trailer . Believing the stories about monsters to be just rumors, they stayed and continued to live with the others. Soon they had a chance to see how the nightly adventures end and why the locals so sacredly honor the customs created by Boyd. But there must be a way out into civilization, right?

Some of the people living here are looking for a way out. But so far no success. What will newbies do? Will they resign themselves to fate or will they become fighters for a better life? Being able to turn into ordinary people, the creatures are rubbed into trust and inflict a mortal blow. But soon salvation from them will be found…

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Actors and their roles

  • Boyd Stevens — guards the inhabitants of the cursed settlement; tries to maintain order; cruel to those who do not keep the laws, but kind to everyone else; experiences other people’s tragedies as his own; he has no family; upset when he sees any newcomer who first appeared in their settlement — Harold Perrineau.
  • Jim Matthews — went with his wife and children to rest, but the road was blocked by a fallen tree, going around, he ended up in a hellish place, from which he could no longer get out; lost control when a black car appeared on the road, resulting in an accident; was injured, could not save the children and accepted the help of Boyd — Eion Bailey.
  • Tabitha — Jim’s wife; a stubborn woman, a strict mother, always faithful to her husband and his convictions; lost consciousness after the accident, woke up much later than her husband — Catalina Sandino Moreno.
  • Julie — the eldest child of Matthews; constantly scares his brother with paranormal phenomena, other people’s deaths, which brings the boy to tears, for which Julie receives reprimands from her parents, while she considers her brother a weakling; during the accident she hit her back, which caused her to lose her mobility and saw her brother’s wounds bleed — Hannah Cheramy.

Interesting Facts

  1. The world premiere of the season 1 took place on February 20, 2022. The TV series was created by the same people who were involved in the development of the cult TV series “Lost”, which ran from 2004 to 2010. Even the theme of both projects is similar — each next riddle carries even more questions, leaving expanse for further plot.
  2. Harold Perrineau became one of the participants in the TV show “From”, as he had repeatedly collaborated with the creators of “Lost” and even played one of the main roles in the project. He also starred in “Criminal”, “The Edge”, “The Matrix” franchise, “The Unusuals”, “ER” and “Sons of Anarchy”.
  3. After the release of the season 1, the rating on the IMDb website stopped at around 7.7 points — fans of fantastic thrillers have long been waiting for the premiere. In 2022, the picture became one of the most creepy, as it contains an abundance of bloodied bodies and even cruel actions against children. The age classification of the series is 18+.
  4. Hannah Cheramy became famous for her role as Dylan in the TV series “Van Helsing” (2016-2021), later the actress starred in the films “Summer Love”, “Orphan”, “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library” and “Under Wraps”, but, to unfortunately, they all received mediocre reviews.
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From Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12023
2x02Series 22023
2x03Series 32023
2x04Series 42023
2x05Series 52023
2x06Series 62023
2x07Series 72023
2x08Series 82023
2x09Series 92023
2x10Series 102023

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