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The charming high school student Tidori Kaname has a lot of talents, she does not even know about some of them. The girl has a large number of fans. But thanks to an irascible temper, none of the young people wants to build relationships with her. The situation is changing when a new student Sagar Sousuke comes to school, who is trying his best to protect the beautiful woman from attacks by enemies.

When the anime “Full Metal Panic! Season 5” come out?

As of November 2021, there is no reliable information about the release of season 5 of the anime “Full Metal Panic!” There is also no information about the closure of the project, because the popularity of the show is still gaining momentum.
Whether the viewer will see the spin-offs or the direct continuation of the series is still unknown. One thing is clear – before 2022, the new season of the anime “Full Metal Panic!” should not be expected.

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All the anime events unfold in an alternative universe where the Soviet Union is preserved and the authority of the KGB still lives. If it is necessary to combat, people use new developments, which were called “Armsweave” – ​​a robot controlled by a person.

Such apparatus can be controlled by a vishpard – this is a person who has acquired the skills of managing Armsweave at birth. Such people are very few and the KGB tries to catch and use them for their own purposes. The main character becomes the guardian of such knowledge, but does not know about it.

Tidori has a tough character – instead of tender feelings she shows aggression towards dear people. During the first few seasons, the student realizes her craving for a strange guy, which is Sousuke. The guy, in turn, was sent to school to protect Kaname.

Up to this point, Sagara had not the slightest idea of ​​ordinary human life-he was raised in combat conditions, where every wrong step was punished with death. Now the guys have to go through a lot of trials, as well as save their lives and not reveal themselves to other people.

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Frame from anime

Main characters and actors of scoring

  • Tidori Kaname is a high school student, she is fluent in the exact sciences and is hard at work with humanitarian, eccentric, able to hit a man, in love with her classmate Sagaru Sosuke – Satsuki Yukino.
  • Sagara Sousuke – employee of Mithril, a 17-year-old soldier sent to school to monitor Kaname’s safety, is absolutely not adapted to a peaceful life, which looks comical in the anime – Tomokazu Seki.
  • Theresa Tistarossa is a fragile, vulnerable girl, is a wispy, has extensive knowledge in mathematics, has a brother Leonard, about which she tries not to talk – the feet of the Yukan.
  • Kurtz Weber – a German, a pilot of Mirfil, a 19-year-old sergeant, self-assured, a real womanizer, is tactless, which often leads to ridiculous situations – Sintyiro Miki.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first series of viewers saw in the distant 2002. As is often the case with Japanese cartoons – it was originally created a light-short story from the writer Shoji Gato with the same name and only then came the anime.
  2. In the original language there are 12 novels (novels). Each next story contains a more serious plot, in contrast to the previous one. Some of them have an amateur translation, which can be found on the Internet.
  3. Anime “Full Metal Panic!” Is considered one of the most popular telecards. Its duration is more than 16 years, and the production is always taken by different studios. Regardless of the number of years passed, the adventures of the protagonists excite viewers. It is already known that the fifth season will not be final, but details are not disclosed.
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Full Metal Panic! Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1not announced
5x02Series 2not announced
5x03Series 3not announced
5x04Series 4not announced
5x05Series 5not announced
5x06Series 6not announced
5x07Series 7not announced
5x08Series 8not announced
5x09Series 9not announced
5x10Series 10not announced

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