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Exciting comedy tells of a married couple. Max and Annie love all kinds of entertainment. One of these activities is “Game Night”, in which their friends, relatives and other acquaintances participate. This evening, they are joined by four people, one of whom is the soul of any company – Brooks. The guy is Max’s brother and at first glance you can assume that he is a very charismatic character. All together, they decide to arrange not quite a standard story.

When will the movie “Game Night 2” be released?

The comedy made so much noise in the ranks of the media that virtually every visitor to the cinema demanded continuation. The film appealed to the taste even the most strict film critics, leaving no one indifferent.

Despite the fact that writer Mark Perez spoke in his interviews about a possible sequel to the movie “Game Night”, there is no official information about the filming of the new part.


The idea of ​​the evening was to the taste of all the participants – dressing up as thugs and special agents of the FBI were a success. In the course of the development of events, participants are so immersed in the game that they lose the thread of reality, and at this time the unknown kidnaps

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While everyone is busy winning the quest and solving the puzzles, everyone begins to understand that Brooks is not as harmless a guy as he seemed at the beginning of the game, and the quest itself is too much like a true event.

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Panic begins, but more calm minds claim that this is the essence of today’s gathering. No one can decide if Brookes is missing – is this one of the game’s gaffes or is it really necessary to start experiencing?

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The second part promises to become more fascinating, capturing the main idea with the “Game Night”. Let’s hope that the main characters will stay with us, and entertainment will become even funnier and more interesting.

Actors and their roles

  • Annie is Rachel McAdams. Since 1989 he has been shooting in cinema. The first known role is considered Regina George from the movie “Mean Girls”, the picture was released in 2004. “Sherlock Holmes”, shot by Guy Ritchie, brought her the role of the charming Irene Adler, Sherlock’s lover.
  • Max is Jason Bateman. actor, writer, director. Laureate of the Golden Globe Award. Almost 30 years in different films and serials. “Trump cards”, “I would go to heaven” and “Imperfect bosses” are considered the best works with his participation.
  • Gary Kingsbury – Jesse Plemons. Nominated for the Emmy Award, participated in the series “In All Grave” and “Fires of the Night Friday”. The rest of the roles were episodic. Has a non-standard appearance, which has a similarity with albino.
  • Brooks – Kyle Chandler. Together with Plemons, he participated in the series “Fires of Friday Night”, for which he was awarded the Emmy Award in 2011, as the best actor of the drama. Played Dylan Young in “Anatomy of Passion”, gaining popularity among the American population.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Earlier Rachel and Jason starred in the movie “The Great Game”, which became their first joint work.
    After filming, McAdams learned that she was waiting for the first child.
  2. The first part of the film was launched in February 2018, the box office grossed more than $ 50 million.
    The Irish bar RiRa became the main scene of the movie.
  3. General reviews from American sites say that viewers are waiting for the continuation, and since the payback of the first part is visible to the naked eye, it is to be assumed that the creators will not delay the release of the second part. Time will tell.

Game Night 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Game Night 2not announced

Review of the first part

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