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Teenage life is full of buzz – that’s what the guys from the TV show “Generation” think. Each of them wants to be cool, handsome, charming, wealthy and at the same time look like an adult. But is it that simple? After all, bold dreams lead to dire consequences and necessarily affect the reputation. But not everyone cares about it…

“Generation ss 2”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the teen drama “Generation” is not worth waiting for, since in September 2021 the project management officially announced its closure. The exact reason for this decision is unknown. Most likely, the reason was the low ratings, which did not allow the producers to count on the new season.

The show covers real problems familiar to many teenagers and parents, therefore it is relevant for viewing for two generations at once.


Chester loves bright looks. He paints his hair and nails, argues with adults, wears short tops, exposing his hairy belly. Teachers constantly reproach him for his appearance, although the guy is a good student, plays for the school’s water polo team and is popular among his classmates. Everyone knows him as a kind and sympathetic person.

At the next session with a school psychiatrist, Chester again tries to prove that he is not prone to suicide. According to adults, his behavior literally “screams” about such inclinations. The guy considers himself cheerful and easily parries such attacks. But the new psychotherapist is still on guard. Chester likes this perky man.

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Arianna also radiates energy. She often makes dirty jokes about gay parents and fits easily into any society. Naomi shares details of her personal life with her brother Nathan. He, in turn, is afraid to admit to the girl that he has long dreamed of men, girls are not very attracted to him. Nathan is ashamed of such thoughts, but he cannot turn against himself.

Frame from the TV show

Greta suffers from family problems. She and her brother live with their aunt and understands that the mother is simply using her sister to not take care of the children. On this basis, scandals are constantly thundering at home. Greta likes girls, especially one beauty who specializes in photography. Greta wants to win her favor, but doubts herself.

Riley is that charming girl who is the object of Greta’s adoration. The girl loves to take pictures, is friends with Nathan and knows all his secrets. She helps Nathan arrange a meeting with Chester, but things don’t go well. For all.

Each teenager is a separate deep story, the roots of which lie in the family. Everything that they fail, they easily forget, but some seemingly insignificant events touch them to tears. Which teenager will go down the dangerous path? Is Chester really that happy? Will Greta deal with her fears? Will Nathan tell his sister about his addictions?

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Actors and their roles

  • Chester – has a bright appearance, is ready for any experiments, studies well, goes in for sports, looks defiant, which is the reason for his frequent visits to a school psychiatrist; loves older men – Justice Smith.
  • Greta – notorious, often looks at herself in the mirror in her underwear, tries to understand her preferences, chooses Riley, whom she wants to get to know better; worried about quarrels with her aunt, who often makes Greta guilty of conflicts with her mother – Haley Sanchez.
  • Ana – Greta’s aunt, protects her sister in quarrels with her niece, but realizes that the girl is partly right – Nava Mau.
  • Nathan – secretly dreams of men, watches porn, after which his sister learns about his tastes in his personal life; hesitates to say that he is gay; a seemingly modest guy, accidentally carried away by experiments, eventually starts dating Arianna – Uly Schlesinger.

Interesting Facts

  1. The show was produced, directed and written by Zelda and Daniel Barnes – daughter and father. At the time of Zelda’s upbringing, they had to deal with many teenage problems. Daniel did not call his daughter obedient, but a minimum of restrictions allowed him to maintain a trusting relationship with Zelda, during which she shared what was happening with her classmates.
  2. In real life, Justice Smith is a very brutal guy, whose experiments in appearance can only be the imagination of the photographers or directors who work with him. In recent years, Smith wore a beard and was not happy to cut it for the role of a teenager. Pink hair came as a shock to him, but it helped to quickly imbue the soul with his character.
  3. Nava Mau wanted to take on the role of Greta, but it was not possible to hide the age of the actress and pass her off as a schoolgirl. Then she was offered the role of Ana and she decided to agree – the rest of the roles were then already taken.
  4. The TV series was filmed in a real school in South Pasadena. Remarkably, the coronavirus pandemic did not interfere with the production process at all. The location was completely closed, no one else could enter to the set.
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Generation Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1project is closed
2x02Series 2project is closed
2x03Series 3project is closed
2x04Series 4project is closed
2x05Series 5project is closed
2x06Series 6project is closed
2x07Series 7project is closed
2x08Series 8project is closed
2x09Series 9project is closed
2x10Series 10project is closed

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