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“Genius” is a documentary series based on autobiographies of famous personalities. For the general development and knowledge of historically famous personalities, the National Geografic channel prepared this picture. Each season will tell about a new outstanding figure.

When will the series “Genius season 3” be released?

The premiere of the TV show “Genius Season 3” was scheduled for May 25, 2020. But coronavirus made its own adjustments.The start of new episodes has been postponed to March 21, 2021.
Broadcast the series will still be “National Geografic”. The spectator, as usual, will become a participant in the hidden life of the protagonists and will be able to understand the motives of even the most horrific acts.


The first season was described in detail by the famous physicist Albert Einstein. The man was different in behavior from the rest of the people, he did not like studying, he hardly graduated from school and never looked for a company. Nevertheless, he achieved colossal success, comprehending the theory of relativity. The people around looked askance at the eccentric old man, who did not have much desire for marriage.

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Much more strange was the wedding with his cousin. If everyone around said that Einstein was crazy, he did not consider himself like that. Especially the man was knocked down by the experiment with the time machine, after which a large number of people died. Returning from the journey, the physicist burned all his manuscripts and renounced further attempts to get into the future.

Einstein in the young

The second season became more sensual. The key character was Pablo Picasso, whose work is still in demand and sold for legal and illegal bidding for millions of dollars. In addition to the talent to “paint” pictures, Pablo was a real kidnapper, which caused a lot of trouble and often distracted him from his work.

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Outbursts of anger, creative crises, lack of inspiration gave way to a passionate passion for ladies. One has only to ponder – until his death, the man painted his second wife Jacqueline. Now it is reliably known that there were more than 400 works with her image. So far no one has been able to break the record of Picasso.
The season 3 promises to be even hotter. Creating an intrigue, the creators under strictest secrecy guard the main character. According to rumors, the main character of the film could be the American singer Aretha Franklin.

Actors and their roles

  • Albert Einstein-Geoffrey Rush. Known for the films “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Lovers Shakespeare.” Jeffrey’s talent is most revealing in the film “King says,” where Rush played the teacher of the King of England on an oratorical speech.
  • Pablo Picasso – Antonio Banderas. An activist, both on stage and in life. Many remember him on the film “Spy Kids 2”, where Antonio played the role of the father of two children – sorceresses. Now he is engaged in winemaking, supports the Spanish workers, sometimes devotes himself to the shooting. Throughout his acting career, six times starred in films with Salma Hayek.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The first season, based on the book by Walter Isaacson “Albert Einstein. His Life and the Universe “, was released in April 2017. Exactly a year later, there was a second season.
  2. The composer of the series was Khants Zimmer. He also wrote music for the films “Beginning”, “Interstellar”, “Pearl Harbor” and other paintings.
  3. Each season consists of 10 series, lasting 60 minutes.
  4. The series is considered artistic, because at present it is difficult to tell how it really was. Despite this fact, many facts from personal biographies of celebrities are shown.

Genius season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1March 21, 2021
3x02Series 2March 21, 2021
3x03Series 3March 22, 2021
3x04Series 4March 22, 2021
3x05Series 5March 23, 2021
3x06Series 6March 23, 2021
3x07Series 7March 24, 2021
3x08Series 8March 24, 2021

Top 10 Geniuses Portrayed In Films

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