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1832. Who among the English would have thought that the influential Anne Lister would dare not only to conduct business, but also walk around with her beloved woman in front of everyone! Being engaged in construction and being in excellent relations with local hard workers, Lister manages to participate in women’s gossip, intrigues and even become an integral part of them…

“Gentleman Jack ss 3”: release date, announcement

Frank historical drama “Gentleman Jack” appealed not only to fans of original stories about sexual minorities. There are a lot of rumors about the picture, but it is known from official sources that the 3rd season will definitely appear. The release date for the new episodes has not yet been announced, but most likely they will premiere in the spring of 2023.


Anne Lister knew who she was and what she was capable of. Many years ago, she accepted herself for who she is — passionate about women, male pursuits and non-standard outfits that are not befitting for a self-respecting lady. But no matter what happened, she was always true to her beliefs. The family’s attempts to convince Anne ended in failure.

After a fateful meeting with the young Miss Walker, Anne’s life took on new meaning. The young girl was too silent during the day and very frank under the cover of night. Lister was crazy about her, but local traditions did not allow them to meet openly. Close relatives with whom she lived had a great influence on Walker.

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At the end of the season 1, Walker was so shocked by the events that the girl decided to commit suicide. Worried, Anne took her to the best medical institution, where her beloved could accept herself, as well as plunge into the painting that she loved so much.

Frame from the TV show

By the beginning of the season 2, the condition of the sick girl had improved, and Anne was waiting for problems with the miners. The commander of the miners took to drinking, but it’s not so easy to keep a job with the authoritarian Lister. Reprimanding the lazy worker, she hoped for a better outcome. The problems did not decrease, and relations with Walker moved to a new level, because the ladies decided to live together, not embarrassed by public censure.

Lister recorded many love affairs in a diary, which kept detailed descriptions of heated meetings. Walker was not the first girl, but she left an indelible mark on the life of her chosen one. The people around gave Anne the nickname “Gentleman Jack”, which expressed the rudeness, courage and steel character of the one who was originally born in the body of a lady…

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Actors and their roles

  • Anne Lister — an open lesbian, does not take into account the opinions of people who are inclined to reproach her for this; has feelings for a young girl, dreams of living with her; often recalls past relationships; Anne owns a large plot of land on which coal deposits are located — Suranne Jones.
  • Ann Walker — a young aristocrat, carried away by an older and more experienced lady; unable to go against society and ashamed of the relationship with Lister, in the end decides to overcome fears; is treated in a special institution and dreams of living with Anne in a common house; has a talent for drawing, and tries to reveal it — Sophie Rundle.
  • Elizabeth — Lister’s maid; the oldest of the servants; has an affair with a young groom, which is unacceptable; receives a reprimand for this from the hostess — Rosie Cavaliero.
  • Marian Lister — Lister’s sister; teaches her how to live right; indignant that she is engaged in men’s affairs; loves gossip, with which Marian willingly shares with loved ones; considers herself a true lady, unlike Anne; tries not to get into business; conveys information to her sister about the servant who was guilty — Gemma Whelan.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Ann Walker is a real woman, one of the first people who dared to openly feel in society, not ashamed of preferences and feelings for other women. Her biography was collected from diaries, which she tirelessly kept throughout her life.
  2. in the TV series “Gentleman Jack” for the first time had to kiss a woman. The best TV series with her participation are those that have come out in recent years: “Peaky Blinders“, “The Bletchley Circle”, “Bodyguard”, “Dickensian”.
  3. The season 1 premiered on April 22, 2019. When filming for season 2 began in 2022, the project was put on hold indefinitely as the world caught up with COVID-19 and they had to wait until the end of the pandemic. In October 2021, the filming of the season 2 was completed, which was released on April 10, 2022.
  4. In 2010, the film “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” was released, dedicated to the “first lesbian”. In this picture and in the TV show “Gentleman Jack” the main character’s aunt was played by the same actress — Gemma Jones.

Gentleman Jack Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1spring 2023
3x02Series 2spring 2023
3x03Series 3spring 2023
3x04Series 4spring 2023
3x05Series 5spring 2023
3x06Series 6spring 2023
3x07Series 7spring 2023
3x08Series 8spring 2023

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