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The anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” is a collaboration between Japan and the USA. The series was produced by one of the famous Japanese animation studios Production I.G and the American computer animation studio Sola Digital Arts, which is known for creating incredible visual effects. The result of collaboration – high ratings of season 1 of anime. Further more.

Genre – science fiction.
The original name of the anime is Kōkaku Kidōtai.

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“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 ss 2” : release date, announcement

The director of the project initially announced work on two seasons at once. The total number of episodes is 24. The anime season 1 premiered on April 23, 2020 on Netflix.
Currently, there is no reliable information about any dates for the premiere of new series. But we can assume that the autumn of 2021 is the most likely time for the release of season 2 of anime. The directing team will need time to create such a high-quality series, because their main task is to surprise, delight the viewer, and engage in events. Only in this case, the fan will appreciate the work.

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Public Security Section 9 was once such an organization that many people from the underworld knew and feared. It consisted of various specialists who easily disclose the plans of the groupings, as well as warning impending terrorist attacks and sabotage. After all, now is a difficult time for mankind: political intrigues, corrupt officials, terrorist attacks, cybercriminals, etc.

Time has passed. Alone in life, Motoko Kusanagi was the main one in PSS9, but now she has an excellent team of fighters ready to cover her back or the back of her partner. They are mercenaries. There will always be a lot of work, which means there will always be earnings. Just do not forget that every member of the team does not see life without daily tracking and extermination of criminals. This is their meaning of existence.

Frame from anime

Computer technology is so advanced that the cyber brain is becoming the norm. Now, any member of the public with a cyber brain is able to connect their biological brain to various networks. This is both strength and danger.

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No matter how strong the cyborgs are, there will always be someone who tries to hack a person. For what? To obey him. On the way, the team has a new task, which will again test their fighting abilities, endurance. They will again have the opportunity to prove that they are the best in their field. But technology is improving. Now created something that the guys did not even suspect…

Main characters

  • Motoko Kusanagi / Major – an agent of Public Security Section 9 in the past, in the present – a hired soldier in the “GHOST” group; her whole body is a prosthesis; commander with excellent combat and command abilities; has excellent hacker skills; perfectly owns her cyber body; excellent shooter; owns martial arts; cyber brain allows her to “enter” into computer networks.
  • Batou – Major’s aide; likes to make fun of team members; by nature, emotional, decisive, extremely negatively reacts to injustice and cruelty; sometimes capable of empathy; all his limbs are cyber prostheses; his artificial eyes have infrared sensors.

Interesting Facts

  1. In addition to anime films and series, 2 video games were created on the basis of manga:
    – “Ghost in the Shell” (1997);
    – “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online” / First Assault (2016).
  2. The manga author is Masamune Shirow. The real name of the writer is Masanori Ota. Shirow’s career began in early childhood, when he picked up watercolor paints. As a teenager, the boy was drawn into the world of sports – he was seriously interested in judo. But despite this hobby, Masamune Shirow entered the university at the Faculty of Fine Arts. It was during study that Shirow first became acquainted with manga. Since then, the writer has forever connected his life with Japanese comics.
  3. Ilya Kuvshinov, who was born in Penza (Russia) in 1990, made an anime character designer. He currently lives and works in Tokyo, and pleases fans with his work. Ilya is also engaged in illustrations for social networks.
    In June 2019, on his Instagram page, Kuvshinov was one of the first to share the news that he was part of a huge team creating the anime “Ghost in the Shell: Loner Syndrome 2045”.
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Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Season 2 - release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1autumn 2021
2x02Series 2autumn 2021
2x03Series 3autumn 2021
2x04Series 4autumn 2021
2x05Series 5autumn 2021
2x06Series 6autumn 2021
2x07Series 7autumn 2021
2x08Series 8autumn 2021
2x09Series 9autumn 2021
2x10Series 10autumn 2021

Ghost In The Shell (1995) – Major vs Tank 60fps FI – sub ESP & ENG

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