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The married couple Samantha and Jay learn about the beautiful house, which they inherited from a distant relative. At first, they are enthusiastic about the news, but when Samantha begins to see ghosts everywhere, the situation changes. The girl seems insane in the eyes of her husband, but the most important thing is that they can no longer get away from these persistent neighbors…

“Ghosts ss 2”: release date, announcement

Sitcom “Ghosts” has not yet been officially renewed for season 2. But it is known that the American-made “Ghosts” are a remake of the British TV series of the same name, which currently has 3 seasons. Since viewers liked the first season of the remake, it makes no sense to close the project. This means that we have at least one more season ahead of us.

Most likely, the premiere of the season 2 of the “Ghosts” TV show will take place no earlier than spring 2022. We continue to follow the news.


Samantha and Jay have been together for several years now. Thanks to their ability to always compromise, they rarely quarrel. When it became known that Samantha was the heiress of a huge mansion, Jay’s first thought was to sell the property. But the girl had other plans. She has long dreamed of opening a hotel, but she never had enough money. And here there was a great opportunity to start her own business.

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Samantha tried in every possible way to convince her husband of the need to live in a new refuge, but he is adamant. Another quarrel led to the fact that the girl fell down the stairs, hitting her head hard. After the incident, Jay was ready to do anything for his beloved. He took the last savings from the account in order to equip the house, make repairs, and hastened to make Samantha happy with this news.

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Frame from the TV showSamantha recently returned from the hospital and now she sees people all over the house who have been dead for a long time. They roam the floors and do not want to put up with the fact that the new tenants want to make a hotel out of the house. Since the family has already mortgaged all the property for repairs, Jay and Samantha are not going to give in to the ghosts.

Sometimes all the inhabitants of the house become allies, if necessary. But sometimes their interests differ and they begin to fight with each other. Everyone has their own character and manner of communication. Samantha will have to put into practice all her knowledge in communication, since now she sees not only the ghosts that live with her. Samantha sees absolutely everyone! And everywhere: in a hospital, a shopping center and even a toilet…

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Actors and their roles

  • Samantha — a young girl who inherited an old mansion from her aunt; dreams of remodeling it and renting rooms to guests; ghosts are against this idea, since a crowd of people implies walking through each other, which is not pleasant to the dead, but does not bring any harm to living people — Rose McIver.
  • Hetty — the former owner of the house, died over 300 years ago; hates the portrait of her ex-husband that Jay hung in her room — Rebecca Wisocky.
  • Trevor — one of the youngest ghosts; during his lifetime he was engaged in a promising business; often talks about love affairs and rich events; died without panties and continues to walk around the house in this form; the first realized that Samantha was seeing him; knows how to touch objects — Asher Grodman.
  • Isaac — died of dysentery and he is very shy of it; when he passes through people, the fetid smell of his dying illness spreads around; suffers from the fact that his colleague Alexander Hamilton has become more popular than himself; forces Samantha to write his biography — Brandon Scott Jones.
  • Alberta — jazz performer who died on stage due to heart failure; convinced that one of ten ill-wishers killed her; able to sing so that even the living can hear the echo — Danielle Pinnock.
  • Thorfinn — a Viking who is only interested in base desires; loves stories about relatives; knows little about innovation; able to influence electricity, because before his death he was struck by lightning — Devan Chandler Long.
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Interesting Facts

  1. As we wrote earlier, the 2021 TV series “Ghosts” is an adaptation of the English series of the same name, released two years earlier. The original picture so captivated the hearts of the audience that the show’s management decided to extend it for a second season even during the showing of the first one. According to statistics, the age of the viewer audience ranged from 16 to 34 years old. Will the American remake be able to repeat the success?
  2. The idea to create a character who died of dysentery belongs to Brandon Scott Jones, who eventually played this role. In the British version, Isaac’s prototype had other reasons for death.
  3. Rose McIver is a New Zealand actress. She was born in Oakland, where she worked in TV for many years. An interesting fact is that at the age of two, Rose starred in commercials, and a year later she got a role in the film “The Piano”, released in 1993.

Ghosts Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12022
2x02Series 22022
2x03Series 32022
2x04Series 42022
2x05Series 52022
2x06Series 62022
2x07Series 72022
2x08Series 82022

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