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The TV show “Ginny & Georgia” is about a mother-daughter relationship, the age difference between them is only 15 years! Georgia is trying in every possible way to build a personal life, moreover, exclusively with a rich chosen one. But is it that simple?

“Ginny & Georgia ss 2”: release date, announcement

In April 2021, the producers officially announced the renewal of the TV series “Ginny & Georgia” for the season 2. However, filming of the new episodes started only in November 2021 and ended in April 2022. The premiere of new episodes is scheduled for January 5, 2023!


At a very young age, Georgia had to leave home. Constant squabbles and beatings did not allow the girl to live normally. After meeting bikers, she began to spend a lot of time with them. Once in a bar, a charming African American man who dreamed of traveling spoke to her. Having charmed a 15-year-old girl, he slept with her and disappeared.

And after 9 months, Ginny was born. Georgia treated her daughter with all love and tried to give her only the best. For this, she slept with rich men who presented her with gifts. Later, son Austin was born. Without thinking for a long time with names, Georgia called the children the State in which they were born.

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The last “love” of the young mother was an influential entrepreneur, who at first was a “gold mine” for the Georgia family. But soon his molestation of her daughter became so obvious that the mother stopped turning a blind eye to it. Becoming an indirect culprit in the murder of her wealthy chosen one, Georgia becomes the sole owner of all his assets.

Frame from the TV show

Immediately leaving for Texas, Georgia does not notice the money leak. Only later it becomes known that the first wife of the deceased wants to share the money left after the death of the man. But the children are doing well. Austin initially faces beatings from classmates, but his mother helps him solve the issue without resorting to unnecessary arguments.

Ginny finds friends immediately. But the relationship with the mother after the move is becoming more and more strained. Georgia tries to protect her daughter from the same acts that she herself did – early sexual intercourse, falling in love, pregnancy, wandering around an unfamiliar city… But the more Ginny gets to know society, the less friction arises.

The daughter takes the side of her mother and begins to understand how relationships are actually built. Wild feelings of burning passion for the neighbor’s boy, who took her virginity, are replaced by anger. But no one can say what an impulsive teenager is capable of, whose step turns into either love or hatred for the object of desire…

Actors and their roles

  • Jeannie – a 15-year-old girl; is responsible for studying; knows literature and black rights perfectly, as she feels oppressed by her skin color; loves the mother, but often comes into conflict with her; in love with a neighbor who did to her the same way her father did to Georgia many years ago – Antonia Gentry.
  • Georgia – tries to isolate children from the mistakes of their youth and give them a good upbringing, while still behaving like a teenager; loves fast food, extorts pot from a neighbor, hunts for a charming politician and blackmails the local owner of a cafe for her own benefit – Brianne Howey.
  • Austin – Georgia’s youngest child; he is fond of films about Harry Potter, wears the same glasses as his beloved hero; was beaten by his classmates, but his mother helped him to resolve the conflict, now no one touches him or harasses him – Diesel La Torraca.
  • Maxine / Max – Ginny’s friend; endlessly speaks and prophesies to the girl a happy marriage with a classmate named Hunter; is an open lesbian, which she confessed to her mother at the age of 9, when she was attracted by the chest of Barbie; hates his brother Marcus, who Ginny likes so much – Sara Waisglass.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Filming for Season 2 is scheduled for the summer of 2021 due to the need for clear climatic conditions. Work on Season 1 was postponed – it was necessary to wait for the end of the rainy season, which was interfering with the production process.
  2. The executive producer of the project is Debra J. Fisher. She personally recruited a team for offscreen work, and director Anya Adams was engaged in casting. Adams is known for her passion to show the world about teenage life. On the TV show “Fresh Off the Boat”, in which she also acts as a director, she managed to show the wrong side of sex life.
  3. Brianne Howey was indeed 30 years old at the time of filming season 1, like her character. Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny, was 23 years old, although her character was only 15 years old. The creators of the project did not want to work with real teenagers, as their lack of experience could increase the production process.
  4. Actress Sara Waisglass, who plays Max Baker, is a distant relative of Diesel La Torraca. It was she who contributed to the fact that the boy was taken on the role of Austin. Anya Adams was able to like the shy Diesel, although before his appearance at the casting, the director wanted to choose another child for this role. La Torraca has been filming since 2019 and most of his work has been successful.
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Ginny & Georgia Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1January 5, 2023
2x02Series 2January 5, 2023
2x03Series 3January 5, 2023
2x04Series 4January 5, 2023
2x05Series 5January 5, 2023
2x06Series 6January 5, 2023
2x07Series 7January 5, 2023
2x08Series 8January 5, 2023
2x09Series 9January 5, 2023
2x10Series 10January 5, 2023

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