Gintama New Season (2019)

The anticipated sequel to the anime series created by Director: Yoichi Fujita, Shinji Takamatsu, Japan.

According to verified sources, the first episode of the last season of the anime series was released on January 7, 2018. Continuation is not worth the wait.


Mankind now lives in anticipation of meeting with aliens. The film industry is full of fantasy writers on this subject. But in the alternative world of “Gintama” people and aliens have lived side by side for a long time already, because in the middle of the nineteenth century invaders flew to our planet, subordinating their underdeveloped humanity, in particular Japan. The samurai took away their swords and forced them to give up their habitual way of life.

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Gintama season 6

Therefore, the former samurai, eccentric Gintoki Sakata had to look for new ways of earning a living. The teenager Shinpachi Shimura, receiving invaluable help from Gintoka, becomes his disciple. They rescue from the yakuza the alien Kagura, who has superhuman strength, and now there are three friends. The three of them decide to work as freelancers and undertake all sorts of tasks in order to earn more money for their modest living. In the fifth season of favorite anime spectators waiting for a lot of comedy stories about the everyday life of Gintoka, Shimura and Kagura.

Gintama New Season: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1not announced
6x02Series 2not announced
6x03Series 3not announced
6x04Series 4not announced
6x05Series 5not announced
6x06Series 6not announced
6x07Series 7not announced
6x08Series 8not announced
6x09Series 9not announced
6x10Series 10not announced
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Gintama season official trailer

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