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On October 7, 2018, to the delight of the fans, a new anime with the sonorous name “Goblin Slayer” came out. Already from the first episode, all the attention was captured by the twists and turns of plot twists, eye-pleasing graphics and original main characters. What will show the audience the new season? So far, this information is hidden under cover of secrecy.

When will the “Goblin Slayer season 2” be released?

On January 31, 2021, fans of the anime “Goblin Slayer” learned that the 2nd season of the series is in production. At the moment, it is only known that the premiere of new episodes will take place in October 2023. There is no more precise information yet, but we continue to follow the news.

Recall that on February 1, 2020, the full-length anime film “Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown” was released. Enjoy watching!


For those who have not yet had time to see the first season, it is worth explaining that the main character of the story, the Priestess, is a young girl who recently completed her studies in a local temple. After that she decides to join the Guild of adventurers. The guys do the work of hiring, killing various monsters inhabiting the fantasy world of anime.

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Frame from anime

During the first goblin hunt, which is sent to a group of newcomers, there is a severe battle with the goblins. In the course of this struggle, part of the group dies, and they almost were killed at the young Priestess. The situation is saved by the unexpected appearance of the Knight in plate armor, who kills all the villains and saves the girl. From then on, the Priestess makes the decision to join the Goblin Slayer in order to learn from him how to fight evil.

The season 2 will continue the theme of the relationship of the Priestess and the Goblin Slayer. Events will also revolve around the villains and honing the skills of tracking down and destroying these enemies dangerous for humanity…

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Main characters

Although there are many characters in the anime, only two of them are the main ones:

  • Priestess – a young 15-year-old girl, joins the novice adventurer Guild to go on her first assignment, which, in her opinion, should have been easy, but in fact almost cost the girl a life.
  • Knight (calls himself a Goblin Slayer) – rescues the Priestess from the paws of monsters, a young man who skillfully wields a sword and knows how to deal with goblins, revenge on these creatures for the fact that they have deprived his loved ones.

Interesting Facts

  1. It is curious that in the anime, no character has his own name – only such as the Priestess, the Slayer, and the like. On the one hand, this is an unexpected feature of this anime, and on the other, in a sense, creates confusion in the perception of the characters.
  2. The director of the first (and the future of the second) season was Takaharu Ozaki, known to fans in such anime as “Occult Academy” and “Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers”.
  3. The season 1 was not perceived unequivocally. Critics and viewers liked the storyline with the acquaintance and further development of the relationship of the main characters, but the idea of ​​violence against women, which also slips in some moments of the story, was greatly embarrassed.
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Goblin Slayer Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 2023
2x02Series 2October 2023
2x03Series 3October 2023
2x04Series 4October 2023
2x05Series 5October 2023
2x06Series 6October 2023
2x07Series 7October 2023
2x08Series 8October 2023
2x09Series 9October 2023
2x10Series 10October 2023

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