Gold Digger Season 2


Julia Day is experiencing the worst event in life – a divorce from a man to whom she gave 35 years of marriage and gave three children. To get rid of depression, she decides to go to another city where her son Patrick lives. There she is going to celebrate her 60th birthday with her family. But something happens that she could not even think of in her wildest dreams…

When will the sequel to “Gold Digger Season 2” be released?

The continuation of the melodrama “Gold Digger” will appear in November 2020. The mini-series is based on one story and season 2, most likely, will tell about other characters.


Spending her free time at the hotel, Julia decides to get out into the city and visit the exhibition. There she meets a young man, Benjamin, who gives her attention. By evening, they are already at the Julia hotel and spend the night together. In the morning, the lady understands that it’s time for the man to leave, but he refuses, and quite intelligibly explains that he does not consider Julia to be a passing woman.

The world for a 60-year-old lady is changing dramatically, acquiring color shades. She surrenders herself to passion without a shadow of embarrassment, completely not recalling her former husband. Julia is only concerned about the difference in age and that she does not know anything about the chosen one. Benjamin, on all sides, is trying to create the illusion of how much he is in love with Julia.

Then the woman decides to take a desperate step – she introduces Benjamin to her children. Without a doubt, they are not enthusiastic, but everyone decides that at the time of experiencing a divorce from his father, his mother needs a man like Ben. Only her son Patrick is categorically against this relationship, because the guy immediately understands what Benjamin’s intentions are for his mother.

Frame from the series

Julia herself is absolutely happy with the new man. She began to relate to children more coldly and plunged into her own relationships. Pretty soon Patrick becomes convinced that his mother for Benjamin is a golden fleece that can solve many financial problems. But the wheel is already running, and Julia and Ben begin to plan a wedding.

In a panic, Patrick is trying to isolate his mother from the wrong choice, because in his opinion, Benjamin is a simple gigolo that will empty all of Julia’s pockets. Deciding to break off their relationship, he and his family go to a celebration in honor of the engagement. Here he receives a message from Benjamin – he knows that Patrick is cheating on his wife…

Will the son tell about how vain and greedy the chosen one of the mother? Or will Patrick choose not to destroy his family, in which two wonderful daughters grow up?

Main characters

  • Benjamin – a young Alphonse who laid eyes on a woman who is much older than him; he is not loved by her children, but is successfully advancing on the podium of relations with Julia; He doesn’t like to talk about himself, because his every word is a lie – Ben Barnes.
  • Julia – 60-year-old lover of Benjamin; she recently survived a divorce; Julia was always warm with children, but then decided to put them in the background to make way for Benjamin in her heart.
  • Patrick – the son of Julia; he still recalls childhood injuries, hates his father for his terrible attitude to his mother, and even tries to appeal to that conscience, which always ends in failure; Patrick hates Benjamin, immediately biting his nature, but can not do anything about it, since Benjamin knows that Patrick is sleeping with his secretary – Sebastian Armesto.
  • Della – daughter of Julia; lives very far away; Della was in a relationship with the girl, after the break she was very worried – Jemima Rooper.
  • Leo – the youngest son of Julia; an eternal child who is not able to screw a light bulb in his own house; Leo lives with his mother, because he can’t earn on his own – Archie Renaux.

Interesting Facts

  1. For Ben Barnes, the role of Benjamin is the second largest and most significant in his career. Prior to that, he played the main antagonist in the series “The Punisher”. Both roles are so different from each other that they reveal the personality of the actor from completely different sides, giving directors the opportunity to look at Ben from different angles.
  2. Julia Ormond was extremely confused by the age difference between herself and Barnes. But working with Ben was so easy that the actress managed to free herself and show on the screen how a 60-year-old woman gets younger when she falls in love. In 2019, Ormond was nominated for 8 awards for Best Actress.
  3. According to the plot, the action was supposed to take place in another city, but in the end the film crew went to England, since the directors considered this place romantic enough to show the beginning of a new relationship. For most actors, this turned out to be a good option, as they come from England.
  4. The hotel room, in which the heroine of Julia Ormond lived, cost $ 2000 per day. They had to spend more than one week to evict the top floor of the hotel, arrange equipment on it and shoot the necessary scenes.

Gold Digger Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1November 2020
2x02Series 2November 2020
2x03Series 3November 2020
2x04Series 4November 2020
2x05Series 5November 2020
2x06Series 6November 2020

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