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The two clans, whose enmity originated in Naples, struggle to contain anger. A number of mutual claims prevented easy conduct of business. Salvatore Conte inserts sticks into the criminal business of Pietro Savastano. One of the shootings ends with the death of the adoptive father Pietro, then his son Jenny makes a series of reckless acts and the situation takes a tragic turn.

When will the series “Gomorra season 4” come out?

Release date for the series Gomorra season 4 is scheduled for the first half of 2019. Fans of crime drama highly appreciated the series, which contributed to the continuation of the movie.


Savastano has a confidant – it’s Ciro, everyone calls the man Immortal. It is his eyes that the viewer watches the picture. A series of unpleasant events associated with an unknown traitor, makes Pietro go to jail, where horrifying conditions frighten even the criminal boss. The man has to appoint the successor of his own son, Jenny.

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The people around are sure that the boy is far from his father, so the wife of Don Savastano is temporarily engaged in business. Imma controls the drug business, but making sure of the son’s ability to make tough decisions, gives the reins. Ciro envies the guy and considers himself worthy to be Pietro’s successor.

Scene from the movie

To dislodge a guy from a violent place, he takes several decisions at once, one of which is the taking of a successor for himself. Because of the adjusted actions on the part of Ciro, Jenny is mistaken and the situation in the city is heating up, people are afraid to leave the house, because the streets are turned into a bloody mash.

The domination of the Savastano clan weakens, the authority falls, especially when other criminal authorities learn that Pietro himself is sitting, and Jenny is still struggling to break away from her mother’s skirt. After a while, Ciro shows his real face. The man shoots at Jenny and he has to hide from his former comrades. This betrayal is difficult to forgive and now Ciro is on the list of the first who the representatives of the Savastano clan will want to destroy.

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Actors and their roles

  • Ciro Di Marzio – Marco D’Amore. World fame after the release of this series, also participates in the movieing of the movie “Alaska”, the output of which continues to this day.
  • Pietro Savastano – Fortunato Cherlin. Italian, recently starred in the series “Hannibal”, “Minister”, “Britain”. Thanks to the brutal appearance, it looks great in the role of criminal authority.
  • Genny Savastano – Salvatore Esposito. He recommended himself as an uncomfortable actor, a rarity for the stars. Together with Marco starred in the series “Clan of kamoristov.”

Interesting Facts

  1. The series was shot in Spain, France and Italy. Most of the scenes were movieed in Naples. From there comes Salvatore Esposito.
  2. In 4 days after the first series appeared on the screen, another 30 countries bought the rights to broadcast.
    Numerous murders, shown in the series, were taken by movie critics as the most natural scenes of violence for 2015-2017.
  3. The series is based on the novel by Robert Saviano with the same name. The book was not a success until the release of the screens. Then each viewer considered it his duty to buy a copy, only after that the book was recognized as one of the best works of Saviano.
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Gomorra season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 12019
4x02Series 22019
4x03Series 32019
4x04Series 42019
4x05Series 52019
4x06Series 62019
4x07Series 72019
4x08Series 82019
4x09Series 92019
4x10Series 102019

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