Good Omens Season 1


Two angels from different underworlds decided to unite to save the near future. The impending tragedy is so dangerous that it can destroy the entire human race.

When will the series “Good Omens Season 1” come out?

The release of the mini-series is scheduled for May 31, 2019 on Amazon Prime. This was officially announced by representatives of the company “”, which acquired the rights to broadcast the television series. Fans of fantastic paintings are already waiting for the main premiere this fall.


For hundreds of years, angels and demons have been living on Earth, many of whom are accustomed to the earthly life and do not want to leave these places. The bloody demon Crowley will receive a responsible job – a man must replace a child born in a monastery with the Antichrist.

Crowley knew that if he did it, then the end of the world would come and his peaceful earthly life would come to an end. He decides to disobey and does not commit substitution of children. A completely different idea comes into his head – he joins his efforts with the angel Azirafel, together they take the baby and decide to educate them themselves.

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For many years the boy is accustomed to evil and good at the same time. Each of the divine beings contributes to its development, showing the consequences of bad and good deeds. Azirafel, together with Crowley, are trying to make the boy’s life rich and consider that such measures can help save the world.

Frame from the scene

After many years, men learn that they have taken a completely different child. The fact is that on the night of the birth of their pupil, another boy was born on the territory of the monastery – Adam Jung. It is he who is the very toddler who is able to prevent the death of all mankind. What will the main characters do now? And what will happen to the guy they raised? Whose side will he want to accept?

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Actors and their roles

  • Crowley, does bad deeds without remorse, is ready to go even against Lucifer to save his life, does not skimp on betrayal and espionage, the fallen angel – David Tennant.
  • Azirafel, a second-hand bookshop, a heavenly angel who obediently serves his master, is able to give his life for the salvation of mankind, is capable of any actions that can protect the world’s population, so agrees to Crowley’s fraud – Michael Sheen.
  • Mary Taratora – known as Mary’s sister, a satanic nun who belongs to the incessant Saint Beryl Order – Nina Sosanya.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series became a film adaptation of the novel of the same name, created by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Unfortunately, Mr. Pratchett could not live up to our days, but in memory of him, Geiman kept all the wishes of the deceased when staging the series.
  2. The director of the picture was Douglas McKinon, who owns the series “Doctor Who”, “Sherlock”, “On duty”, “The stranger”, “The Fall of the Order”. Each of these series contains a lot of seasons and continue to exist until now.
  3. Mini-series will consist of 6 series, the timing of one episode – 55 minutes. It is still unknown – whether the future will have a picture after the first season and whether a further plot is ready, but very soon the audience will independently learn all the details.
  4. The series “American Gods” and “Star Dust” are the most famous works of science fiction writer Neil Gaiman, who is considered the creator of the picture.
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Good Omens Season 1 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
1x01Series 1May 31, 2019
1x02Series 2May 31, 2019
1x03Series 3May 31, 2019
1x04Series 4May 31, 2019
1x05Series 5May 31, 2019
1x06Series 6May 31, 2019

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