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In a huge hotel things are not as good as I would like. In an attempt to get out of debt, Santiago Mendoza is trying to sell the hotel, but tries to protect children from his problems – Alicia and Javi. Under the mother, this business brought great profits. But after her death, Santiago married her friend Gigi and could not regain financial position…

When will the series Grand Hotel Season 2 be released?

The Mendoza family cannot understand each other, Gigi is opposed to the children of Santiago, and gossip continues to fly around the hotel at the speed of the wind… Will we see the continuation of the story?

The new season of the series “Grand Hotel” will not take place. This became known in October 2019, when the leadership of the ABC television channel officially announced the closure of the project.


Arriving from business training, which was aimed at further management of the hotel, Alicia learns that Gigi, together with her daughters Carolina and Yoli, completely captured the attention of her father. Even the disabled Javi went far into the background. The absence of one leg did not discourage girls from sexual interest in the guy, but he simply is not suitable for serious actions.

In addition to Santiago’s undivided attention to Gigi and her daughters, Alicia learns that the hotel is being sold to Caroline’s future bridegroom. In anger, having learned about Carolina’s affair with another person, Alicia tells the future bridegroom about it. So, in the middle of the ceremony, the failed bridegroom leaves the girl and arranges a scuffle with her “nightly entertainment”.

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Frame from the series

Finding out that it was Alicia who told the bridegroom about the treachery of Caroline, Santiago falls into a rage and rigidly explains to her daughter that she is clinging to her own business. The groom was supposed to buy the hotel next week, but now the deal is canceled. The money for the existence of the hotel my father borrowed no longer from the banks, but from serious people. And these debts require urgent payments.

Thinking about his problems, Alicia meets a new waiter Danny. There is a relationship of trust between the guys. But the girl still does not know that Danny is searching for Sky Garibaldi who is missing at this hotel. At the very beginning of the series, it becomes known that Sky knew terrible things about Santiago that she wanted to tell the others.

Scandals, gossip, intrigue, inflaming the territory of a huge hotel, affect all participants in this story. This applies even to personnel who have millions of secrets – from unwanted pregnancy to strange interest in Gigi and Santiago’s daughters. Will the half brothers and sisters be able to make peace with each other or does Gigi only create the appearance of a good person by enticing children here?

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Actors and their roles

  • Gigi – the wife of Santiago, the mother of Caroline and Yoli; wants to travel the world; was the best friend of the deceased wife of Santiago, so his children dislike Gigi; a woman says horrible things about Alicia behind her back; manipulates the death of a mother in order to achieve his goal – Roselyn Sanchez.
  • Santiago – the father of Alicia and Javi; considers himself guilty of the disability of his son; grieves for a departed wife, which does not prevent him from sleeping with her friend; unsuccessfully trying to sell the hotel and get out of debt – Demian Bichir.
  • Alicia – the daughter of Santiago; was very attached to her mother; loves her brother; wants to revive the hotel and is looking for various means for this; quickly understands the essence of Gigi and does not give in to her provocation – Denyse Tontz.
  • Danny – came to work at the hotel as a waiter and from the first minutes noticed Alicia; honest and brave; earned himself a second chance after rescuing Santiago from a beating at the failed Caroline’s wedding – Lincoln Younes.

Interesting Facts

  1. The “Grand Hotel” is an adaptation of the Spanish television series of the same name, which consisted of 3 seasons and 39 episodes.
  2. One of the producers of the show is Eva Longoria, best known for her role as unfaithful wife Gabrielle in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”. Longoria is known to the audience for her magnificent forms, but after the birth of her son, the actress quickly returned to her previous shape. It took her only 2 months to do this. At the same time, there was no talk of any long maternity leave – Eva immediately returned to producing the TV show “Grand Hotel”.
  3. Lincoln Younes had to first throw off 5 kg of fat, and then gain 8 kg of muscle mass to bare his torso in several scenes. For 2 months, the actor stubbornly worked in the gym and achieved excellent form without the use of various steroids. Even after filming, Younes tries not to lose shape, as he began to look better and feel more healthy.
  4. Screenwriters Bob Daily and Brian Tanen worked together with Eva Longoria on the series “Desperate Housewives” and for 10 years the guys have been actively cooperating with each other. In the “Grand Hotel” project, Longoria immediately called them, for which Bob and Brian were very grateful to her. Now the series is a huge success, and the rating of expectations for the season 2 exceeds average limits.
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Grand Hotel Season 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1project is closed
2x02Series 2project is closed
2x03Series 3project is closed
2x04Series 4project is closed
2x05Series 5project is closed
2x06Series 6project is closed
2x07Series 7project is closed
2x08Series 8project is closed
2x09Series 9project is closed
2x10Series 10project is closed

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