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The main action takes place within the walls of the hospital “Seattle Gray”. The interns who decided to become doctors come for training. But the dreamy idea of ​​the guys about saving lives ends and is replaced by a real vision of the situation.

When will the series “Grey’s Anatomy Season 15” be released?

Continuation of the most popular American series “Grey’s Anatomy” will be released on September 27, 2018. The viewer will once again plunge into the hospital rhythm, which brings a lot of difficulties both inside the hospital and beyond.


The narration of the series begins with the admission of young graduates of a medical college to the hospital for internship. One of them – Meredith Gray, very swiftly twisted the affair with Dr. Derek Shepard, but the happiness did not last long, because it became known that Shepard is married. His wife Edison Montgomery appeared at the very end of the first season.

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The second season is focused on the experiences of Meredith, because the girl did not know that her lover is married. Fortunately, Derek was already going to divorce his wife, which he did at the end of the second season.

The third and subsequent seasons pay more airtime to the rest of the characters. Relations between Gray and Shepard already have development, and other heroes are just beginning to develop.

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Along with the gray routine, the heroes have to make difficult decisions, save people who are just a hair’s breadth from life and solve problems in their own destiny. In recent seasons, it has become known about Meredith’s pregnancy, and then about her problems with Derek.

Actors and their roles

  • Meredith Gray – Ellen Pompeo. Her fee for one series of “Grey’s Anatomy” is about 350 thousand dollars, which is the best indicator in the whole territory of America. Her first episodic role was played in the well-known TV series “Law and Order”.
  • Derek Sheppard – Patrick Dempsey. In addition to filming in this series, is an excellent racing driver. Was filmed in the films “Transformers 3. Dark side of the moon”, “Bridget Jones 3”, “Velcro”.
  • Edison Montgomery – Kate Walsh. Originally worked as a model in Japan. In the same place, the local population taught the English language. Her latest works were roles in the TV series “Fargo”, “Bad judge”, “13 reasons why”, and for her role in the series “Private Practice” she was recognized as the best actress in the dramatic genre.
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Interesting Fact

  1. It is known in advance that season 15 will not be the last, since the shooting of the next season is already planned for the fall of 2018.
  2. Isaiah Washington, who participated in the first season, was ousted by the leadership for his attitude towards sex minorities. He had the opportunity to stay on the show, but he preferred to keep his convictions. Then he had to leave the project.
  3. In order that there were no significant differences between the work of real doctors and doctors in the series, a group of physicians was specially hired who advised the characters about the correct actions with the equipment and patients. It has long been known about the small number of nurses in the series. In real life, many things are done by nurses, not by doctors, as shown in “Grey’s Anatomy”.
  4. The soundtrack of the series for a long time kept on the tops of the American hit parade. In the series itself the songs of the band “The Beatles” most often sound.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
15x01Series 1September 27, 2018
15x02Series 2October 4, 2018
15x03Series 3October 11, 2018
15x04Series 4October 18, 2018
15x05Series 5October 25, 2018
15x06Series 6November 1, 2018
15x07Series 7November 8 2018
15x08Series 8November 15, 2018
15x09Series 9November 22, 2018
15x10Series 10November 29, 2018

Top 10 Funniest Grey’s Anatomy Moments

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