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A doctor named Meredith Grey arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital many years ago – hence the story begins, which has been going on for more than 15 years. During this time, the audience managed to get to know many doctors, but the most beloved actors remain with us until now. What will surprise us with the new chapter of this exciting story?

When will the series “Grey’s Anatomy Season 17” come out?

The continuation of the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” will be released on ABC on November 12, 2020.

The series takes 1st place in popularity in its genre. The executive producer of the show, Shonda Rhimes, believes that the most interesting will be ahead of the audience, because new characters will appear in the new season…


After Meredith became a newcomer to Seattle Grace Hospital, 16 years have passed. During this time, she changed several posts and achieved high career growth. But personal troubles did not disappear anywhere, continuing to put pressure on the woman’s psyche. Bad relationships, health problems – all of this has been colorfully described in previous seasons.

Meredith’s mother struggled with Alzheimer’s disease for a long time, but neither her time nor her own daughter, who took up an in-depth study of the disease, could save her. Also, problems inside the hospital walls made themselves felt – when Pegasus decided to buy out the hospital and significantly reduce the number of doctors, many felt uneasy. No one wanted to lose their place.

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Over time, Seattle Grace Hospital was forced to be renamed the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but the work is still in full swing. Meredith has to solve difficult tasks regarding internal finances, working staff and finding experienced, qualified doctors who really know how to do own business.

Frame from the series

Alex Kareev is one of Meredith’s best friends. He is always ready to come to her aid, despite the fact that he himself is in official relations. He works as a children’s doctor in the same hospital, tries to help everyone, without exception, and does not put medical work above human relationships. It is these qualities that Meredith appreciates in him.

The series has dozens of heroes whose fate is impossible to predict. The creators of the series claim that the 17th season does not complete the history of the hospital, but only add storylines. Whose career will end this season? Can Meredith once again stay on top and maintain the reputation of the hospital?

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Actors and their roles

  • Meredith Grey – works in a hospital, has a good position, her mother worked there earlier, who died of Alzheimer’s disease several years ago; Meredith early became a widow, while managing to become a mother; a woman is demanding, but often she has to give in to others for the future hospital; she is vulnerable, has many friends – Ellen Pompeo.
  • Miranda Bailey – an unloved hospital employee who differs from the rest in her very tough character; at the beginning of her career, she wanted to work with the dying, but she did not achieve her goal; colleagues call her “The Nazi” for her character; having survived a heart attack, gives its place to another person, which is why it changes its image in the eyes of colleagues – Chandra Wilson.
  • Richard Webber – senior resident, as well as Head of the Department of Surgery until season 8; easily assembled a team of professionals and was able to maintain a competitive spirit between them; he has a daughter, Maggie, whose relationship was not immediately established; Richard is married to Catherine, the wedding with which was repeatedly postponed – James Pickens Jr.

Interesting Facts

  1. The show’s runner Shonda Rhimes wanted to make a show that she and her family would watch with interest. Initially, a project was conceived about women who excel in the medical affairs of everyone else, while not wanting to maintain competition, dropping to intrigue and filth.
  2. The series was repeatedly left by its participants. The latter were Patrick Dempsey, who abandoned his role in 2015. A year later, Sara Ramirez, who participated in the project since 2006, left. Jerrika Hinton, a year later, was also tired of her role and personally signed documents on leaving the project.
  3. The premiere of the painting took place on March 27, 2005. Since then, the heroes and times have changed, but the essence of the show has remained the same – against the background of the intensity of their own passions, doctors understand that there is nothing more important than the lives of patients. This makes the series even more interesting, because you never know how much a new doctor will contribute to the life of the hospital.
  4. The biggest pay for the series is Ellen Pompeo, even in those episodes where her presence is minimal. With each next season, the amount of her earnings increases, like other actors.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 17: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
17x01Series 1November 12, 2020
17x02Series 2November 19, 2020
17x03Series 3November 26, 2020
17x04Series 4December 3, 2020
17x05Series 5December 10, 2020
17x06Series 6December 17, 2020
17x07Series 7December 24, 2020
17x08Series 8December 31, 2020
17x09Series 9January 7, 2021
17x10Series 10January 14, 2021

The Dark Truth Of The Cast Of Grey’s Anatomy

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