Grand Theft Auto strongly loved by the gamers all over the world, the plots of games of this series are replayed again and again, and the open world with complete freedom of action amazes consciousness with its diversity.

After the release of the sensational GTA 5 it’s been a long time and, let the developers still complement the multiplayer component of the game, users are increasingly asking about the continuation.
We are used to the fact that Rockstar Games pleases us with a new game of the GTA series on average once every five years, but now the studio has priority work on Red Dead Redemption 2, which they themselves reported earlier.
We still hope for the soonest official response of the company to players around the world.

When will GTA 6 be released?

The exact release date has not yet been announced by the developers. And according to preliminary data, we can say that the game will be released in 2019-2020.
To declare the same about themselves GTA VI promised already in 2018 at one of the major gaming conventions.

Preliminary plot and review of the game GTA 6

The real leader of Rockstar North L. Benziz, on numerous questions of journalists about the plot of the future game gave a rather brief (but capacious) answer that they will have enough ideas for many years to come. And he also said that: “I will not say exactly how GTA 6 will look, but my thoughts are already there.”

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Work on the continuation of the GTA has not yet been confirmed, and some details are already beginning to clear up:

  • Scene
    Games Rockstar Games are consistently improving in comparison with the previous parts, this applies to the diversity and size of the locations of GTA 6. Numerous forums have firmly established opinions on several possible places for the development of the plot of the new game.
    Some of them are really considered by the developer studio, and some are just conjectures of zealous fans. Surely you can say that it will not be the Wild West, or the futuristic Hi-Tech city of the future. Again this will be the present time, and two (maybe more) of the city. One of them will be absolutely new for the GTA universe.
    Earlier, a representative of the studio mentioned that they dream of uniting all the cities in one game, but for now it is only a dream.
  • Home location
    GTA-VIVice City, Miami. In a previous interview, Rockstar’s leader on questions about Vice-City said that everything is always possible and, of course, they would like to return to each game area again and refresh it for a new part. In Vice-City, I would like to return in the first place precisely because this game set the bar for the developers of that time.
    But this is not London.
    In an interview for The Guardian, Dan Hauser, who was in turn a screenwriter for GTA V, said he did not consider London an interesting place for the following parts. He said that GTA London was an interesting project for its time, but the games were then more primitive. Rockstar Games could tell a lot of fascinating stories about UK cities, but the developer is not sure that Grand Theft Auto is suitable for this.
  • Characters
    Is it possible the appearance of female characters?
    One of the questions that was asked Dan Hauser touched on the possibility of the appearance of the girl as the main character in the next part. With the advent of the ability to switch between characters, it became clear that such an opportunity exists, and it would be good to be realized in the nearest parts of the GTA.
    Dan himself replied that the developers had not yet considered this possibility, but this does not mean that this should not be expected. Just did not come up with a suitable storyline, where the female character would fit in: “A hero girl will not fit well into the current history of GTA 5, but definitely, in future games – that would be fantastic.”
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The possibility of first-person games in GTA V and the active development of VR technologies on consoles of the latest generation and PC give reason to assume that the new part will be released with the possibility of playing through virtual reality glasses. Indeed, VR technology would have been great for playing with a huge open world, freedom of action and careful study of the smallest details.

Who among us would not like to feel like the main character of GTA 6?
A hero in the world where you are free to do anything, anything?
Uff … I have such a dirty thoughts!

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GTA 6 release date

NumberGenreRelease date
GTA 6Action/RPG2019/2020


 Minimum RequirementsPredicted Requirements
CPUCore i5-4460 / FX-8320Core i7-4790 / FX-8370
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 760 / Radeon R7 260X v3GeForce GTX 1080 / Radeon R9 FURY X 4GB
HDD Space65 GB65 GB
Direct X1212


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