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The sports anime series about the uneasy everyday life of Japanese baseball players is based on the same manga in the genre Spokon (sport), drama, comedy, sainen. The duration of the first season of the anime is 12 episodes.

When the anime comes out Monetary Field 2 season

The release of the continuation of the anime series was announced for October 5, 2018. The possibility of continuing until season 3 will be considered by the directors and the author of the original after the release of the second season.


Natsunoska Honda is a professional baseball player who has been playing for the Japanese “Tokyo Spiders” team for about eight years in the position of a reliever pitcher (a reliever who replaces the starting pitcher during the game). He is left-handed and has an unusual catchy cast.

Gurazeni-season-2-1At twenty-six years, Honda earns 18 million yen for the baseball season. Of course, a promising baseball player believes that this is not enough! Because the players of other teams and some of his colleagues get more than him! Natsunoska Honda can not digest this thought, and therefore works harder and more successfully to become an even more highly paid and professional player.

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How is this interconnected? It’s very simple: the more successful you play, the more you will receive the salary on a total. It turns out that those baseball players who get the most are the best? A logical conclusion, and that’s why Natsunoske wants to be number one on the baseball field. Monetary motivation is for him only a pleasant addition to the desire not to give anyone the palm of primacy in your favorite business.

Actors voiceovers

The following actors of voice acting took part in the work on anime adaptation:

  • Fukushi Ochiai – Natsunoske Honda;
  • Daisuke Namikawa – Tokunaga;
  • Issei Futamata – Tanabe;
  • Kenji Nomura-Sakota;
  • Ichimichi Mao – Yuki;
  • Ryuzo Ishino-Kozato;
  • Takanori Hoshino – Shibuya.

Interesting Facts

  1. The creation of the anime series Money field 2 season is occupied by the most popular studio Studio DEEN, which has released the following anime masterpieces: “The Hobo Kenshin”, “When the Cicadas Cry”, “Ikkoku Holiday House”, “Pure Romance”, “The World’s Best First Love” , “The grandson of Nurarichen”, “The Infernal Girl”, “The Tale of the Demons of Sakura”, “The Initial Di”, “The Hetali and the Countries of the Axis” “The Cold-Blooded Khoizuki”, “Ranma ½”, “The Uneasy Priests”, “Henceforth Mao, the King of Demons “,” Sanka Rhea “,” Knight-vampire “,” Mobile Warrior Gundam “.
  2. Manga for anime Money field ranked second in the Top 20 works for male readers (2012). In addition, the comic took the first place in the list of the best manga of the most popular publishing house Kodansha in 2013.
  3. In an interview about the anime adaptation, the creator of the original source of anime Money field Moritaka Yuji said that he very much hopes that this anime will appeal not only to adults (already heard about the economy and salaries), but also to children. Mangak shared that he wanted to create an entertaining work that will rely not on one naked professional sport, but on some realities of life, and therefore will be remembered and will remain in the hearts of readers.
  4. Anime-series has an unusual theme for sports, since the emphasis is on the economy and financial side of this sport. All the anime stories about baseball were told, as a rule, about schoolchildren, interest clubs or non-professional baseball players, who were not interested in money and who wanted to get to the main baseball championship of Japan – Koshien. In the Anime Money field, the action takes place on a professional baseball field: players are professionals, adults, who are now interested not only in the very idea of ​​a rival game, but also baseball itself as a work and a way to earn.
  5. In the manga several times appear names and characters prototypes of real Japanese baseball players (Uehar Koji and Takahashi Yoshinobu). In addition, in the anime and manga, the names of several baseball teams and the stadium are real. According to the author, he created a work that is as close to real Japanese baseball.
  6. The original name of the manga and anime is “Gurazeni”, which, in turn, is an abbreviation. The abbreviation itself was born from the advertising slogan of a Japanese bank, which in full literal translation sounds like: “Money falls to the ground!”. Natsunoska Honda, the main character, cut this phrase to “Gurazeni”, and each time, catching a baseball, yells it out, not giving “money” in the form of a ball from it to slip away.

Gurazeni season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1Oct 5, 2018
2x02Series 2Oct 12, 2018
2x03Series 3Oct 19, 2018
2x04Series 4Oct 26, 2018
2x05Series 5Nov 2, 2018
2x06Series 6Nov 9, 2018
2x07Series 7Nov 16, 2018
2x08Series 8Nov 23, 2018
2x09Series 9Nov 30, 2018
2x10Series 10Dec 7, 2018


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