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XXVI century. War is everywhere, people are fighting for resources, territory and their beliefs. The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) is made up mostly of people. Their struggle with the Covenant, a religious alliance of several alien races, has reached its breaking point. Great losses on both sides give rise to new conflicts, and there is no end to this…

“Halo ss 2”: release date, announcement

No sooner had the 1st season of the TV series “Halo” appeared to the viewer in full, as its creators announced the season 2. According to preliminary data, the spring of 2023 will be marked by the release of the continuation of the picture. The project is based on a series of games of the same name that remain popular to this day. The plot of the games and the TV series share the same concept, but go in different directions – the filmed version is different from what gamers know about the world of “Halo”.


Kwan Ha was having fun with her friends when unknown mutants began to land near her home. Trying to understand what was the matter, the guys showed interest, but were immediately killed. The miraculously surviving Kwan Ha ran to where the rest of the people lived. More than anything, she wanted to save her father, who was the leader of this territory.

When the Spartans appeared, the mutants had already killed half the population, but the situation did not improve. Finishing off the rest, the monsters destroyed their father in front of Kwan Ha. The Spartan who arrived in time attacked the enemy and saved the life of the girl. Since this Spartan killed Kwan Ha’s mother many years ago, he received no thanks.

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Soon the girl woke up in the cabin, where Dr. Miranda Keyes appeared. She asked Kwan Ha to write down an appeal to the rest of the citizens whose planets could be attacked by these creatures. Referring to the fact that the Spartans were trying to save the people of Kwan Ha, Miranda longed to get at least some help from the girl. She refuses and wants to get out of here as soon as possible.

The protagonist of the TV series Pablo Schreiber

On a new planet, a Spartan touches an ancient artifact and remembers many things from a past life. He dreams of a family and later learns from Kwan Ha that years ago he made huge mistakes, killed and was an enemy to thousands of people. Fulfilling the orders of the leadership, the Spartan is forced to destroy the current captive. Instead, he does everything he can to save her.

At this time Dr. Catherine Halsey is getting ready to show the world her innovation. The SPARTAN-II project is able to create a physically enhanced version of a person – they will protect humanity from Covenant attacks. Halsey has many supporters, but there are also those who are not interested in the implementation of her project.

Halo is a ring world, an ancient artifact that has magical powers. It is it that can help stop a protracted war, save Kwan Ha, restore the memory of a Spartan, and do many more important things. But who will be able to use its power correctly?..

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Actors and their roles

  • Kwan Ha Boo — dreamed of flying away from her home planet, but in the end she did it completely differently than she planned; was the daughter of a leader who was killed in the war for his people; ardent opponent of the Spartans; was surprised when the Spartan who saved her listened in amazement to her speech about the murder of her mother, then Kwan Ha realized that he was programmed — Yerin Ha.
  • Spartan-117 — Known for his brutality, as he brings death to all who are ordered to kill; guesses the deceitful nature of his employers, so he saves Kwang Ha and tries to leave the base of UNSC with her; always wears a protective helmet, without showing his face — Pablo Schreiber.
  • Dr. Halsey — a talented female scientist who works under Admiral Margaret Parangosky; develops a complex program; able to control the actions of the Spartans, deprive them of the suit of oxygen, kill, order, erase memory, and so on; understands that there was a failure with the main Spartan — Natascha McElhone.

Interesting Facts

  1. The TV series “Halo” shown on Paramount+ became the most watched premiere in the first 3 months of 2022. The previous record holder was the Western “1883“, released in December 2021. Starting March 24, 2022, each episode of “Halo” airs weekly and is 50 minutes long.
  2. The best in the career of the lead actor Pablo Schreiber were the projects “Lords of Dogtown”, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, “Nights in Rodanthe”, “First Man”, “The Brink”, “American Gods“, “A Gifted Man”, and also “Defending Jacob” starring Chris Evans, his favorite actor.
  3. The idea for a TV series came about after another “Halo” game sold again in a record number of copies. If in 2007 the first game sold 14 million copies, then 14 years later the number increased to 81 million.
  4. The script was written by longtime comrades Steven Kane (“NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service“, “Alias”, “Without a Trace”) and Kyle Killen (“Awake”). Steven Kane is a talented specialist in the field of detective genres, and Kyle Killen is well versed in fantasy.
  5. The TV show “Halo” had a very difficult path from the idea to the premiere of the season 1. It was originally planned that the audience will see the adaptation of the popular game back in 2015, and the project will be produced by Steven Spielberg. But everything went wrong. As a result, the producer was changed, and the premiere of the TV series was postponed to 2019. Rupert Wyatt was attached to direct, and he was also to serve as the new producer. But here, too, things did not go according to plan. The work was postponed for a year. As a result, Otto Bathurst was appointed to these positions and the premiere of “Halo” finally took place in 2022.
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Halo Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1spring 2023
2x02Series 2spring 2023
2x03Series 3spring 2023
2x04Series 4spring 2023
2x05Series 5spring 2023
2x06Series 6spring 2023
2x07Series 7spring 2023
2x08Series 8spring 2023
2x09Series 9spring 2023
2x10Series 10spring 2023

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