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London, our days. Two policemen with absolutely different concepts and values ​​of life, should unite in one command to help the police in the investigation of criminal cases. Conflicts on the basis of moral differences exacerbate the service, detectives try to distance themselves from each other. In addition to the complicated working relations, the situation is aggravated by the unexpected news of the approach of the end of the world.

When will the series Hard Sun season 2

The release of the series “Hard Sun season 2” was scheduled for 2019, but, to the great disappointment of the fans, the filming of the new season was suspended for unknown reasons. More accurate information is not yet available, but it is worth hoping that the fantastic drama will have a continuation and the season will turn out just as interesting and exciting.


Elaine Reiko for several months underwent psychological treatment in a rehabilitation clinic after her own son beat her unconscious. Returning to work in the police station, she finds herself partnering with detective Robert Hicks, who has not taken her seriously for a long time and dreams about the day when they are no longer considered colleagues.hard-sun-2

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They can not find a common language, because Reiko is closed, lonely and completely incorruptible in her work. Hicks, in turn, tries to find benefits wherever possible. He has a favorite family, which can not be said about Elaine. But work requires that detectives become partners.

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Young people have no choice but to obey the leadership of the police. They get into the hands of the case of the death of a hacker. When they begin to work, the authorities ask them not to interfere. Pursuing each of their interests, secretly from the highest ranks, they continue to shadow the former colleague of the programmer.

Due to the fault of agents from MI-5, the co-worker dies, but manages to give the detectives a USB flash drive. It contains information with secret records, from which it becomes clear – for five years, humanity is waiting for the end of the world. After the authorities learn about this, it becomes clear that nobody is going to disclose information.

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Hicks even begins to threaten reprisals against relatives if he disobeys the order. Now they face the main task. Irreceptible cops should choose for themselves what to do next – to continue the service or to try to help the world.

Actors and their roles

  • Elaine Reiko – Agnes Deyn. Model and singer. The real name is Laura Michelle Hollins. His pseudonym was borrowed from one of the Scottish monks of the past. Since 2008, he has the title of the ambassador of the youth culture of Britain.
  • Robert Hicks – Jim Sturgess. Actor and singer, whose musical hits are known throughout Britain. In 2012, Adam played in the fantastic film “Parallel Worlds”, so he became recognized in every corner of the world. Voiced Soren in the “Legend of the Night Watchmen.”
  • George Mooney is Adrian Rawlins. Known for the role of James Potter, which he sang in films based on Joan Rowling “Harry Potter”. He started his acting career in 1980.
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Interesting Facts

  1. To the creation of the series, the hands of two companies – Hulu and BBC – immediately applied.
  2. One of the directors of the film was made by Brian Kirk, who owns the most cult and famous TV series of our time – “Tudors”, “The Game of Thrones”. The only name of Kirk on the cover of the poster, can guarantee the success of the television series.
  3. Agnes Dean used to have no previous experience in acting. But in the modeling business has a clear success. Let’s see how it can manifest itself in this area.

Hard Sun season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1suspended
2x02Series 2suspended
2x03Series 3suspended
2x04Series 4suspended
2x05Series 5suspended
2x06Series 6suspended
2x07Series 7suspended
2x08Series 8suspended
2x09Series 9suspended
2x10Series 10suspended

Hard Sun Jim Sturgess Interview

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