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The series tells about the life of girls from brothels who are trying to build their fate despite the deplorable situation. They have no simple life and will not have it, because they have long chosen their path. There are expensive courtesans, cheap, current and former. But all have one thing in common – the desire for a better life, which will allow them to quit the hated business.

When will the series “Harlots Season 4” come out?

Fans were sure that season 3 would not be among the latter, as the show’s popularity was only growing. Unfortunately, the continuation of the TV series “Harlots” will not be released. In June 2020, Hulu officially announced the closure of the project.


At 10, Margaret Wells’s mother gave her to a brothel. She did not appoint a large price for the girl, because she was quite satisfied with the yellow shoes, which at that time she really liked. At such a young age, Margaret vowed that if her daughters face the same fate, then she will try to do everything possible so that they can fully live the first years of her life.

Margaret’s eldest daughter, Charlotte, was able to establish herself as an expensive, experienced, charming courtesan, not ready to go to bed with every man. Having arranged a secret auction for her daughter, Margaret was able to sell her virginity dearly. True, judging by the behavior of Charlotte, the girl is absolutely not grateful to her mother for her fate.

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The current chosen one of Charlotte requires complete domination of her. But the girl wants to attend social events and meet different people. Paying all the bills of Charlotte, who still loves to gamble, the chosen one gives her pineapples instead of pearls. At the same time, he calls the girl “pineapple of Great Britain”. Naturally, Charlotte does not want such a patron, and he soon leaves.

Frame from the series

Lucy, the youngest daughter, was more accommodating. She often spent time with the girls from the brothel, but she did not love everyone. Lucy dreamed that someday her virginity would be sold as dearly as her sister, but her mother constantly delayed this moment. First, Lucy studied, and only then her mother began to think about selling it. Recently, delaying “that moment” has become much more difficult.

Margaret appeared influential enemies who are closely engaged in a similar business. Other brothels began to drag customers, courtesans, and Margaret’s attendants. Competitors were even able to set local authorities against her, which hit her budget hard. Then it was time to put Lucy’s virginity in secret bidding, especially since the girl was already ready.

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But the enemies again began to plot intrigues for Margaret and her family. Will the girls, led by Margaret, be able to defend their remaining honor? Will Margaret manage to relocate her charges to a more presentable brothel?

Actors and their roles

  • Margaret – the mother of Lucy and Charlotte, got into a brothel at the age of 10, in which her mother sold her for a pair of shoes; she is a masterful, cruel woman, who kindly refers to her subordinates and daughters; competes with all forces with neighboring brothels; Margaret is in love with an African American – Samantha Morton.
  • Charlotte – Margaret’s daughter, older sister of Lucy; Charlotte’s virginity was sold very dearly, as her mother was able to properly teach her the craft of a courtesan; Charlotte is beautiful, loves courtship and expensive gifts; she hates her mother because at one time she did not give her a choice, making her a “such” woman – Jessica Brown Findlay.
  • Lucy – the younger sister of Charlotte, Margaret’s daughter; the girl has great knowledge, reads perfectly, writes, is waiting for the moment when the mother finally decides to sell her virginity in secret bidding, because she sees nothing wrong with the work of the courtesan; Lucy is the most docile of the daughters – Eloise Smyth.
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Interesting Facts

  1. More recently, Samantha Morton joined the ranks of the main cast of the series “The Walking Dead“, while she acted as an antagonist. Her character does not stop at anything when it comes to killing other people. In the series “Harlots” fans now find it difficult to see Samantha in the role of a woman who protects all of her.
  2. Eloise Smyth gladly agreed to participate in the project. But when it was announced that her heroine would have to periodically undress, the girl refused. As a result, they came to a compromise – Eloise has two understudies who perform piquant scenes.
  3. The series premiered in March 2017. Initially, the broadcast was carried out only in the UK, and later the picture was translated into another 30 languages.
  4. The most popular is the 3rd season, which gathered the largest number of viewers near the screens.
  5. Jessica Brown Findlay twice during the filming resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. The fact is that, acting with a minimum of makeup, the actress saw many complexes in herself. Fans were not able to notice any of her operations.

Harlots Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1closed
4x02Series 2closed
4x03Series 3closed
4x04Series 4closed
4x05Series 5closed
4x06Series 6closed
4x07Series 7closed
4x08Series 8closed

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