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J. K. Rowling re-energizes the public’s interest by debating Harry Potter on her Twitter. Fans are indignant, because it is still not clear – should we wait to continue the long-awaited franchise? To make it easier to understand, we will try to impartially answer all questions and not to miss even the smallest details.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”: release date, announcement

The fantastic film “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, at best, will appear on the screen in 2024, since working on such a serious project takes a lot of time. One missing detail – and lovers of the Potterians will not appreciate the film as its creators would like.
We will update the information on January 1, 2024, or earlier if available.


Events unfold right on King’s Cross Station at the moment when the Potter family sends their children to study at Hogwarts. Albus, the son of Harry, is worried, because everyone knows his famous father. At the same time, Scorpius, the son of Malfoy, is also wary, as rumors have it that he is the son of Lord Voldemort.

In this future, Hermione and Harry are already working at the Ministry of Magic. Hermione and Ron are married, they also have children. It would seem that life has been established and there is nothing that could obscure existence, but Albus, who has come on vacation, is witnessing a personal tragedy. Amos Diggory arrives at the Potters house to ask Harry for a favor.

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Amos asks Potter to return time back with flywheel-time. The old man all these years lived in thoughts of his son, Cedric, who died at the Triwizard Tournament. Harry refuses, and when the angry Amos leaves his house, Albus decides to intercede for him. A quarrel arises between father and son, and then Albus intends to do a good deed.

Frame from the TV show

He steals flywheel-time, and travels in time with Scorpius. Such turns of events that are to be felt by the main characters are not represented by any fan of the Harry Potter movie franchise. It would seem that it is only necessary to bring Cedric back to life, but instead the guys are destroying their fates.

Now their main task is to return to their world. Since flywheel-time is not entirely functional, the guys are distorting reality more and more, and it seems that there are no more familiar things. Albus makes more and more mistakes. But he is the son of a famous father, and everyone had high hopes for him…

Main characters

Since the details of the upcoming film are currently not disclosed and not all the actors will return to the series, we will tell about the main characters:

  • Albus Severus Potter – son of Harry and Ginny Potter; he was named after the two directors of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Albus does not get along well with his father, but has a great relationship with his mother; He is friends with Scorpius Malfoy and does not pay attention to the rumors that are spreading about him.
  • Scorpius Malfoy – the son of Draco Malfoy, who is mistakenly considered the child of the Dark Lord, and his ardent admirer, Bellatrix Lestrange; the Malfoy family always supported Lord Voldemort, which prompted people to think that Scorpius might not actually be Draco’s son; the boy is friends with Albus and sincerely does not understand why he is friends with him.
  • Harry Potter – Albus’s father, husband of Ginny Weasley; worries about the omissions with his son, but due to his character is not able to fix it without outside help; often listens to the advice of his wife, who is more tolerant of an unbearable child.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Directed by 2016, a dark-skinned actress played Hermione. Then it caused a huge resonance and many fans accused J. K. Rowling of allowing it. Indeed, according to previous books, Hermione mentioned her European origin. Rowling commented on Twitter, accusing readers of racism.
  2. Daniel Radcliffe, most likely, will not play Harry Potter, as the actor decided to move on through his career, accepting various interesting offers from the directors. Emma Watson is also busy with other projects, and her participation in the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is also unlikely. But Rupert Grint in his interviews admitted that with great pleasure he would again take part in the show.
  3. Initially, the idea was to take the child actors, which the audience saw in the last part of “The Deathly Hallows”. But the project was postponed, and the actors grew so much that it was already impossible to pass them off as children.
  4. It is likely that Hermione, familiar to our species, even in the film will be black. J. K. Rowling insisted very much on this point, but so far it is not known whether her wishes will be taken into account.
  5. Most members of the crew are ready to take part in the film again. Over the years that the first 8 parts were shot, everyone managed to make friends, and some work together to this day. It so happened that the Harry Potter project brought together thousands of people together and did not leave anyone from the crew indifferent to the film.
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: release date

NameRelease date
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child2024

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Book Review

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