Hawaii Five-0 Season 9


A popular multi-part police drama tells of the hard work of the Hawaiian police, who daily risk their lives to save civilians.

When will the series “Hawaii Five-0 Season 9” come out?

Continuation of the American TV series “Hawaii Five-0” will be held in Septrember 28, 2018. The popularity of telecine has remained at a high level for 8 seasons in a row, which is why the creators decided to extend the series for another season.


Crime never slumbers. To ensure a peaceful existence, former Marine Corps officer Steve McGaret left to work in Hawaii as a new commander. In addition to his duties, the man tries to investigate the murder of his father, but for a long time he finds no clues.

The team that was proposed to lead McGarrett will act solely on his orders. Nobody will interfere with them – neither the bureaucratic system, nor political conflicts, and all this is done so that Steve’s team can catch the biggest bandit in history.

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In his department appears a newcomer from New Jersey named Danny Williams. A man likes this job, because he lives with his 8-year-old daughter, who is ready to defend by any means. Then a former employee of Steve’s father appears. Years earlier, Chin Ho Kelly unjustifiably accused of fraud.

His sister Kono has been living on the islands for a long time. She is trying hard to prove that she is not only an excellent graduate of the academy, but also the most suitable candidate for the McGarrett team. Steve himself, possessed by the idea of ​​catching the murderer of his own father, administers justice over crime and clings to any evidence that will help him find the criminal.

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Мain characters

In the team there is a lot of disagreements, but they are always ready to unite, if it is a question of saving the lives of others.

Actors and their roles

  • Steve McGarrett – Alex O’Loughlin. For several years now she has been living with her husband and children in Hawaii. Was filmed in the films “White Mist”, “Leshy”, “Feeding”, “Plan B”.
  • Danny Williams – Scott Caan. The most famous role in his filmography was Turk in the film “11 Ocean’s friends”. He is engaged in jujitsu, he owns a brown belt.
  • Chin Ho Kelly – Daniel De Kim. The most popular actor with Korean roots. Star of the series “Staying Alive”. Acted in the films “Spiderman”, “Divergent”, “Arena”, “Cave”, “Collision”.
  • Kono Kalakaua – Grace Park. The girl is very intelligent, she speaks 4 languages. Her debut took place in the movie of 2000 “Romeo must die”. Then followed the roles in the series “Beyond the possible”, “Star Cruiser Galaxy”, “Andromeda”, “Dead Zone”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. April 18, 2018 on CBS was officially announced the extension of the series for the ninth season. The creators of the picture convinced the audience that they are not going to stop there and are already preparing the material for the tenth season.
  2. In 1996, there were first attempts to create a series, but the first season appeared only after 4 years.
  3. Each episode of the series collects near the TV more than 14 million viewers. With this result, the series can last on the air for many years.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
9x01Series 1Sep 28, 2018
9x02Series 2Nov 5, 2018
9x03Series 3Nov 12, 2018
9x04Series 4Nov 19, 2018
9x05Series 5Nov 26, 2018
9x06Series 6Dec 2, 2018
9x07Series 7Dec 9, 2018
9x08Series 8Dec 16, 2018
9x09Series 9Dec 23, 2018
9x10Series 10Dec 30, 2018

Hawaii Five-0


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