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In Georgia, everyone knows Spades as a family of wrestlers who have spent more than one generation in the local ring. Playing in their own promotion, brothers Jack and Ace are at enmity with each other – this fuels the audience’s interest in the fights. And while Spade’s fame grows, they really do have a serious showdown with each other…

“Heels ss 2”: release date, announcement

Sports drama “Heels” has been officially renewed for Season 2! The new episodes will premiere on July 28, 2023! 

There are many wrestling fans in the world and too few TV shows on this topic, so the picture was a success. “Heels” endeared the viewer, talking about the life of wrestlers, which they live outside the ring.


Staci and Jack have been together for many years. They are raising a son who, to the surprise of many, at every match is fiercely rooting not for his father, but for his uncle. There’s a big hole in the family’s budget right now, which Jack is making even bigger by purchasing equipment for the next match. According to the plot, there will be a meeting of two irreconcilable enemies – brothers Jack and Ace.

Both have a perfectly rehearsed story. Jack is a closed, vicious monster whose enemies flee as soon as they see him. One sight of Jack scares the street boys to trembling knees. Ace is the new chapter of the promotion. He is a bully and rude person, a lover of women and a frivolous lifestyle. Fans love Ace and hate Jack.

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In real life, Ace is dissatisfied with the fact that his father transferred the common cause into the hands of Jack, after which he killed himself. The brothers cannot always find a common language, but they do not have enough spirit to go against each other, especially Ace. For example, when he decided to move from Georgia and pursue a broader career, he went to consult his brother.

Frame from the TV show

Frame from the TV showStaci doesn’t like that the family’s money is flowing away, but her husband’s hobby takes over. Secretly from his wife, Jack buys expensive things, but the woman still finds out about it – a notification about the withdrawal of money comes to her phone. Not wanting to quarrel with her husband, she prefers to support him before a tough fight. She understands what he will soon go through.

It was originally planned that Ace would defeat his opponent. But the scandal that occurred the day before due to the move of the younger brother, destroyed a shaky world. Jack had to change the outcome of the last fight. Without saying anything to anyone, he went against his brother in the ring, where he forced him to lose. The audience is outraged, Ace is pissed off, it was not supposed to be like this at all!

Fans are shocked! They no longer trust their heroes. Ace is broken – he so wanted to build a career in a huge city, and now everything has gone to the bottom. Crystal, Ace’s girlfriend, sees the true nature of her lover, but is not yet ready to part with him. Why did Jack do this? Why did he destroy the business that his family lived on? And what will happen next with his dream of business development?

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Actors and their roles

  • Jack — the eldest in the family; at the behest of his father, he became the head of a wrestling business; tries to do everything right, but the motives of his actions are not always clear; in life he is kind, never offends anyone, loves his family very much, but sometimes he spends a lot of money — Stephen Amell.
  • Ace — Jake’s younger brother, who is unhappy that it was Jack who became the head of the common family business; considers himself a hero in the eyes of the local public; stealing gum in the store, considers himself right; sleeps with a girlfriend who works for him with his brother, but does not want to hear talk about relationships; agreed to move to another city after the invitation of an old friend of his father — Alexander Ludwig.
  • Crystal — Ace’s girlfriend, whose plans include traveling with him around the world; rushes after him to any event, but quickly realizes that he is not able to take an interest in any girl for a long time; tries to get into the horizons of Ace, but he constantly pushes her away — Kelli Berglund.
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Interesting Facts

  1. One of the assets of the TV project is the director Michael Waldron, whom the producers persuaded to work on the project for 6 months. Waldron is best known for his work on the animated television series “Rick and Morty“, which is currently booming. In 2019, Michael was invited to direct the TV series “Loki”, which is also a success.
  2. Alexander Ludwig is not only a popular actor, but also a singer. He woke up famous after starring in the cult film series “The Hunger Games”, where Alexander played the role of Cato. Ludwig got an equally striking role in the TV series “Vikings” – where he played Bjorn Ironside.
  3. It is known that Alexander Ludwig, already approved for the role of Ace, came to the last auditions among the girls, where a candidate for the role of Crystal was selected. Ludwig wanted Kelli Berglund to win, because her candidacy was discussed for a long time and thoroughly. As a result, Kelli was approved. According to the actress, on the set she immediately became friends with Alexander, from whom she received great support all the time.

Heels Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 28, 2023
2x02Series 2August 4, 2023
2x03Series 3August 11, 2023
2x04Series 4August 18, 2023
2x05Series 5August 25, 2023
2x06Series 6September 1, 2023

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