High Score Girl/Hai Sukoa Gāru Season 2


The animated series “High Score Girl Season 2” is a continuation of the season 1 of anime, filmed on the same manga of 2010 by the author Rensuke Oshikiri. The release of the first part of the picture took place from July to September 2018. The series is released in the genres of romantic comedy, school history, daily life, seinen, romance.

Anime tells us about the pastime of two Japanese teenagers in the early 90s of the last century, when the world of video games lured every child into their networks …

When will the sequel to the anime series “High Score Girl Season 2” be released?

According to the creators of the project “High Score Girl”, it is planned to launch 3 seasons in a row at once. The fact is that the manga of the same name has been quite popular for several years now and occupies top places in various magazines and websites.

If everything goes according to the producers’ idea, then we will be able to see the continuation of the anime “High Score Girl season 2” on our screens on October 25, 2019.


The anime takes place in 1991. The usual Japanese sixth-grader Haruo Yaguchi disappears daily in the cabin of a video game, as this is his only vent of a guy. He has no friends, with a sense of humor, the boy was unlucky with his appearance, too … He finds the only place of solitude alone in the centers with slot machines.

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One day, on a very ordinary day, Haruo Yaguchi meets her classmate Akira Oono in a video game cabin – a rich, beautiful, popular girl. Who would have thought she was amazing playing video games ?!

Well, Haruo could not even imagine such a thing: girls are also addicted to video games and are not at all inferior to boys?

Frame from anime

After a crushing loss to Akira, Haruo cannot get rid of her annoying classmate. She now and then pursues him and asks to fight with her in the next game battle…

How will the relationship between the two young rivals develop? Will classmates be close friends? Or does Akira Oono sees in Haruo Yaguchi only an opportunity to mock and show his advantage, winning in all games in a row? We will find answers to all the questions by watching the new series of anime “High Score Girl”…

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Main characters

  • Haruo Yaguchi – a sixth grade student. He loves video games, no more succeeded.
  • Akira Oono – Haruo’s classmate. Rich, beautiful, but very silent. Prefers to communicate facial expressions and gestures. She loves video games, so she secretly visits gaming centers with machine guns from her parents.

Interesting Facts

  1. Anime “High Score Girl” shot by the most popular studio J.C. Staff, which is famous for works on such famous anime as “Bakugan Battle Brawlers”, “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma”, “Nodame Cantabile”, “Honey and clover”, “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”, “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” etc.
  2. The manga of the same name, according to which this anime was filmed, in August 2014 took the second place out of twenty in the list of the best manga for a male teenage audience rating “Kono manga ga sugoi!”.
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High Score Girl Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 25, 2019
2x02Series 2November 1, 2019
2x03Series 3November 8, 2019
2x04Series 4November 15, 2019
2x05Series 5November 22, 2019
2x06Series 6November 29, 2019
2x07Series 7December 6, 2019
2x08Series 8December 13, 2019
2x09Series 9December 20, 2019
2x10Series 10December 27, 2019

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